Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Little of This and a Little of That

Painting details to a piece
I'm still working on my embroidery project. I have finished making the heavy chain stitch which represents branches on a piece. Mary Corbet, over at NeedlenThread, has a tutorial on this stitch. I enjoy her blog and she shares so much of her craft.

With JoJo's help, I used some of her fabric paints and I did a little more fabric painting.

Then I decided that I needed something a little more on the branches. . .so I am adding another embroidery stitch to the branches. Photos to come!  I sure thought that I would have had this project to the finished stage by the end of this month. . .but, it looks like the finish will come next month!  Well, my fingers are crossed on that guess! I will reveal this project soon. For now, I will report that it has been fun!

I finished the prepped portion of the chicken that I posted about here. I thought that I had three or four more sections to do. In reality, it is one section! I'm preparing the pieces and perhaps tomorrow, I'll be ready to begin stitching the final section!

J liked the scissors best in her package
The grands were gifted some fat eighths of fabric and some scissors. (Thanks again, Marla!) They delighted in unfolding, folding and fondling the fabrics. They loved the little scissors that came with the fabric. We had a treasure hunt to find the gifts which was so much fun for all of us. There were a couple of clues that were hard to find and the girls thought that they needed "help." In the end though, a little perseverance scored them the answer.

I can see we are going to need to make a "kit" for them to store their treasures!

K was partial to the pink print fabrics
Tag team approach to cooking
Their cooking has now progressed to a tag team event. One "measures" and dumps while the other cuts in shortening for biscuits. One gets out the baking pan and cutter while the other stirs the liquid into the dry ingredients. They both cut the dough and Bailey, our dog, cleans the debris off the  floor. It all works!!

They like cooking and they love to eat what they cook. We bake cookies, banana bread, muffins and bread. We make cucumber sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. We make soups and pancakes. Currently, bunny salads are the favorite recipe. . .I think because the bunny tails are marshmallows! Of course, we must have an extra "tail" on our salad! :)

This week, our bunnies had carrot stick whiskers. Last week, our bunnies had almond ears. It is fun to hear them discuss what "ingredients" they need for their salad! The best part is that they eat every bite!

Bunny salads. . currently,
the favorite recipe!
Sometimes we "see" a recipe that we want to make. If we don't have all the ingredients on hand, we "get" to put it on the shopping list and we will make it the next time. Occasionally, we really "need" to make the recipe that day so we will go to the grocery store to pick up what we need so we can have instant gratification!

Besides cooking, we draw, color, read stories and play a lot of make believe. Mondays and Wednesdays fly by when the Grands are visiting. Bailey loves to play with them. Life is good!


Monica said...

Final section! Woo hoo! That is funny that you thought you still had more. Your family won't know what to tease you about now. ;)

Janice Smith said...

J and K are adorable. i know you treasure every moment spent with them.
Your new haircut is stunning!

Luann Fischer said...

As usual, things are looking good. And I just love hearing about those little 'creatives' you call your grands!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you and the grands are having such a grand time together! Looking forward to seeing your next chicken project picture. How exciting that you're getting so close! said...

Monica, I laughed at myself when I saw how minimal the section actually was! Oh. . .my family has plenty to tease me about. I'm fortunate to be so loved! :) said...

Janice, Thank you! Those grands really are adorable. We do enjoy spending time with them. I am liking how fast I can style my hair now! :) said...

Luann, those little "creatives" teach me something every time we are together. "Creatives" is the perfect synonym for them!!! :) said...

Nancy, I sure hope that we will always have a "special" relationship. I had a special grandma in my life and perhaps I will be as special to them as she was to me. Ahhhh the chicken. . .I'm excited to share the last section. . .just have a little more prepping to do. . . .!!!!