Wednesday, December 14, 2016

72 Star Points--Grid Quilted!

Design inspiration
This was the inspiration behind the grid quilting in the 72 star points. I wanted quilting that would blend with the overall design. I thought about the squares that make up the chains in the design. I was looking around the studio and my eye stopped on the leftovers from K's skirt.

Auditioning the lines
I drew a few lines and decided. . .hey, this could work. It did! Again, I found that the ruler wasn't the ticket. I stitched most of the lines free hand. Yes, the lines aren't super straight. But, this is a learning experience and as a teacher once said, "Done is better than perfect!" These are done!

Also, a thanks to Nancy at Dizzy Dog Quilting, who in one of her comments said that she liked it when she was stitching in the ditch because she knew where she was going next and she knew what she would be stitching. I took her comment to heart. In the past quilting those repetitious lines, I have had a difficult time staying on course. This time, telling myself that I knew where I was going to stitch next and also what the stitch was going to look like kept me on course! Thanks, Nancy!

View of the finished star points. 
Hey--This part of the process only took 36 hours! (Ripping was involved; but, I won't go into that part of the journey!)

The next section to quilt will either be the dark purple small and large squares or the lighter purple/pink rectangles and half square triangles.

What will be quilted there? Well, I haven't figured that out yet!


Monica said...

Those grids look great. Are you planning straight lines for the rest, too?

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the shout out! I'm glad my comment was helpful to you!! I really love what you are doing with this quilt. The grid quilting in the star points is perfect! It certainly looks straight to me! I love doing short straight line quilting free hand because it's so much faster and easier than any other way. I look forward to your next steps! said...

Monica, Thanks for liking those grids. If it hadn't been for that fabric, I don't know what would have gone in that area! Nope. . .I'm having curve withdrawal so some curves will be showing up soon! But, there will be more straight lines too!--Terry said...

Nancy, I've been enjoying the stitching once I figure out what I'm going to be stitching in a space instead of becoming bored with it. It is faster to free motion short lines. I thought it was just my ineptness with the rulers!--Terry