Sunday, December 11, 2016

Outer Border Beginnings!

Thread that I auditioned and used
Quilting this project has been such a trip outside my comfortable box! First, there is the work to incorporate rulers. Second, has been the work to create designs that are more on the modern side. Third, has been the use of straight lines.

Moving on to the outer border, I just had to have some curves in this piece SOMEWHERE!!! So, I again used the blocks and setting triangles to be the markers for dividing this border too. Hey, this way of dividing the blocks into quilting units works great!

First, I chalked a straight line.

The basic design
Then I added a couple curved lines.
Yes!!! Curves!! Curves are usually what I like to use on blocks that have straight lines. It has felt so odd to be quilting straight lines on a block with straight lines!

The corner
Next, I got to decide how to handle the corner. I played with a few chalk lines and came up with design. I didn't draw it on paper first! I don't have a plan for the embellishing and that could present an "opportunity" for me when I get to that point!

Chalked line of the outer border
Because it is hard to see the thread, this is a small section that I chalked. My plan for the outer edge of the border is to quilt lines that are perpendicular to the purple border. I also plan to quilt some of the spaces with a fill that is similar to a fill that I will use on the inside of the outer border.

This is my idea for now. . .it could change!

Adding additional lines using the ruler
Once I had this part of the outer border completed, I went back to the purple border and added more lines.

I was able to use the ruler this time. I still find it challenging to stay lined up on my stitching line, adjusting how much pressure I need to apply to the foot to hold it against the ruler as well as how much pressure it takes to slide the quilt. That foot is difficult to maneuver over seams.

The box or X in the purple border
The thread blends well with the border. I'm still thinking that it will be an adequate transition between the two borders.

Purposely, I chose a sort of thread that would blend in the spaces because I wanted the quilting to be more of a texture than an eye catcher. The piecing should be the eye candy that draws the viewer to the piece and the quilting should be what brings that viewer closer to it. Additionally, if some of my lines aren't right on. . .well, it will be less obvious!

The next step is to determine what the plan is for the 72 star points.  Originally, I wanted to stitch a curved design; but, my concern is that a curve design will look off from all those straight lines!

Check back on Wednesday!


Nancy said...

I love what you're doing with the quilting! If I understand it right, you are putting piano key or beadboard quilting behind the outer border. I love how that looks! Especially when you fill in some of the areas with a fill from the middle of the quilt! Wonderful!!

Monica said...

You really have some pretty fabric in this quilt. It looks unforgiving, though! You are doing an amazing job with the quilting. :D

Brendaintheboro said...

I agree , its better to let the piecing stand out. I too have started using rulers and use some of that non-stick shelf covering in small pieces and it helps me move the quilt better. said...

Yes, Nancy!!! That is exactly my thought. I couldn't have described the detail any better! said...

Monica, I appreciate the pretty fabric comment you made! I hope that all my errors in the quilting will not be all that noticeable in the end. Time will tell! :) said...

Welcome, Brenda! Thanks for adding your comment about how you are using rulers and what you have found that helped you achieve better results.