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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Visiting an Art Gallery

Since the end of August, the grands spend Mondays and Wednesdays with us. I get to play princess, mama/kid (sometimes, I'm the baby and sometimes I get to be a little girl), coffee shop and restaurant. It is an absolute hoot! In the afternoon, DH takes them to meet up with their mama who works at an elementary school. (She is the special education teacher.)
"Please take our picture here, Gran!"
If it is a nice day, we often go to the park. Monday, it was rainy, so we went to an art gallery.  My friend, Joanne, is part of a quilt group that makes wonderful art pieces. She posted about the exhibit here.

This art gallery is located on the Mt. Hood Community College campus in Gresham, Oregon. Joanne told me that three times a year, the gallery hosts an exhibit other than student work. It is a nice gallery and I will check out the student work at other times in the year.

We walked through campus to the gallery which was good for those young legs! Those legs jumped, hopped and bounced to the gallery and back! The youngest legs NEVER miss the opportunity to splash in a puddle!

The oldest's favorite was "Green Washing."

At the end of the visit, I asked what was their favorite piece and then took their picture by it. It is important to them that I send the photo to their mama! The oldest, loves dresses--the fancier the better! So I wasn't surprised at her choice at all!
The description. . .

The youngest's favorite was "Egg-Actly."

The youngest loves animals. I thought she would pick the pig exhibit; but, I had to agree with her about how cool these eggs were. They were 3-D!

The description. . .

The piece I came to see!
I'm thinking that one of the rules the makers placed on themselves for this exhibit was that at least 50% of the materials had to be "green" for each piece.

"The North Side" was the piece that I came to see as Joanne had blogged about it sometime ago. It is amazing because looking at it sure gave me the feeling of one of those old growths deep in the woods covered with moss. There was no moss used; but it sure looked like it!!

There were some interesting materials used in the pieces. I snapped a few photos; but, I had to be quick as the attention spans of an almost 4 1/2 year old and an almost three year old are ever changing!

Seeing the exhibit was inspiring. I have wanted to experiment with paint. . .who knows when I will get to that!  First, I am finishing the "42 Minis" and then I'm planning to finish a couple small projects. . . .although, plans change! :)

The description. . .
As for the grands, they think they are going to see quilts when we go to an art gallery! Remember, I'm doing my best to infect each of them with the "quilt pox!"


  1. Fun times with the grands! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. We will be sewing skirts next week. . .I hope the grands will take to quilting like ducks do to water!--Terry

  2. Nice to see what you are doing!

    1. Thanks, Barb!! Those grands keep us hopping too! :)


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