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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Featured Artist Show

Shazam, a quilt pieced to use up scraps!
In between grandkids, quilting, working, rehabbing the knees and having fun with hubby, I've been organizing the Featured Artist Show for our guild. The show, "Showcasing Quilts of Our Past Presidents," will be held October 21-23 at the HH Hall Building in Vancouver, Washington. Show hours are 3-8 on 10/21; 10-5 on 10/22 and 10-4 on 10/23.  Suggested admission is a $3 donation. If you are in the area, please come and visit!

We will have works from 21 past presidents who led the guild from 1985 to 2016! I am also one of the featured artists. Sadly, one of our past presidents, died last July. With the support of her family, I have her quilts to display.

One might think working with 21 leaders would be challenging based on the fact that they are all leaders! I've tried to not send too many e-mails, I tried to foresee problems and asked for solutions. Most of all I have been so thankful to all the past presidents who stepped forward to take on tasks for the show. (At this point, I have  have perturbed only one past president. So I must be doing okay!)
Inspired by the book, "The DaVinci Code."

We will have about 200 quilted projects--most of them quilts. The photos I'm posting today, will be of some of the items that I will have in the show. At the guild meeting last Thursday, I asked those past presidents in attendance to stand on the stage with me during our committee reports. The most recent past presidents shared their completed President's blocks quilt while I reminded members about the show and introduced the past presidents.

I wrote what I wanted to say so that I wouldn't forget any names--speaking in front of a large audience is always a challenge for me although few people would ever know how much of a challenge it is for me! What I forgot to say was that many of our past presidents have continued to be active in the guild, chairing a committee, teaching classes, leading a subcommittee and stepping in to help when asked.
Inspired by the book, "Snowflower and the
Secret Fan"

When I was president in 2013-2014, our membership was about 525 and there were 60 board members. Yes, you read that correctly! Although, attendance at a board meeting averaged 30 people.  My goal was to leave the guild's finances a little better than when I came and to keep the ball rolling!

Today, I attended a new member tea and promoted this event to those present. Fingers crossed that lots of people will come see the show.  Fingers crossed that the quilts fit in the space allotted. Fingers crossed that I bring all that I'm supposed to bring. Fingers crossed that "42 Minis" AKA President's Blocks is finished in time to be hung with the other quilts at the show on Thursday!

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing the handwork on the label and running the lint roller over it the remove hair from my friend, Bailey AKA our dog!


  1. Wow! You are a busy woman. Hope you manage to finish your 42 Minis in time. Cheers

    1. BJ--All the way finished would be nice; but, it is finished enough to hang and that is what is important!--Terry

  2. I'm sure the show will be wonderful! I won't be able to attend, but will be there in spirit cheering you on!

    1. Nancy--I am most concerned that my math is off and that there will be too many quilts and not enough space!!! Thanks for sending your spirit to cheer me on!--Terry

  3. I see this show is on right now. I hope it's going well! Can't wait to see your Red Cross quilt finished. :D

    1. I've posted the "finished" photo of my Red Cross quilt, Monica. It was nice to view it from afar as my nose has been so close to it for months!--Terry


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