Monday, October 3, 2016

Quilting Sashings

I'm plugging along with quilting the '42 Minis'--my president's blocks quilt. Here it is October and now the show is three weeks away and still this project isn't finished!

Continuous curve in progress.
Those continuous curves take much longer to quilt than I had thought. I spent about 15 minutes to quilt one 2x10 inch section. Since I had 97 to quilt, that equates to a little over 24 hours on just that part of the process! I have 26 sashings left to quilt which equates to 6 1/2 hours! (Maybe, I don't really want to calculate how much more time I have left!)

The reason I wanted to make those continuous curves was that I pressed open some of the seams in the sashing to reduce bulk. Open seams don't have a ditch to stitch in so those seams weren't secured and I thought if something were to fray, that would be the spot where fraying would happen. I thought that the continuous curve would be the ticket to supporting those open seam lines. Time will tell if I'm correct. However, this quilt will not be slept under many times so everything should "wear" well!

In retrospect, I could have quilted straight lines through the sashing and those corner stones using white silk thread. I would have finished much sooner and I think I would have liked the texture those lines would have added to the quilt. Hindsight is always 20/20!

Needing more red silk thread!
This week, I will cut the binding and sleeve as well as make the label. Then, I will finish quilting the outer sashings. I will need to purchase another spool of this red thread as I had just enough left to finish the "inner" sashings!

The navy sashing is "requesting" some
After the sashings, I have 56 white corner stones to quilt and 42 navy sashings. I hadn't planned to quilt the navy sashings. As I've quilted the checkerboard sashing, the navy sashing started to pucker which happens when the density of the quilting isn't even. I'm thinking that two lines of straight stitching will solve that issue!

It is going to be tight getting this project finished in time for the show. . .notice, I didn't write before the show as I believe that ship has sailed. . .!!!!


JoJo said...

It's tough when you have a deadline. I hope the deadline isn't making the quilting miserable for you. It sure is beautiful.

Nancy said...

The sashings are looking great! I actually go ahead and quilt in the "ditch", even if the seams are pressed open, with no problems. You're mainly quilting over your piecing thread, but that thread is also strong. I do shorten my piecing stitch length when I know I will be pressing the seams open. said...

JoJo, Parts of the quilting are terrific. . .other parts. . .not so terrific. . .I've learned loads with this project. . .hmmm. . .sounds like I've another post to write!!!--Terry said...

Nancy, I did quilt a few of those open seamed pieces in the nonexistent ditch. . .can't say I liked it. . .I should have shortened the stitch just a bit more! Thanks for the good suggestions.--Terry

Monica said...

Oh, but you're so close now, Terry! I still think you'll make it. :D said...

Monica, the end is near; but, there is still a lot to do! I figure it won't be too awful to park a chair near this quilt while it is hanging and finish the handwork!--Terry