Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A "Wild" Start and Finish

Yesterday, I started and almost finished my quilt for the book "Wild." Yes, you read that correctly!!! I finished stitching the label and sleeve today!

Rules of the group are. . . pretty much there aren't rules; but, you are encouraged to make at least one quilt a year. One or more members sign up to choose the book. They lead the discussions and determine where we reveal. Often we rent a meeting space for a couple hours and have a potluck; but, we have had high teas, met at restaurants that served dishes that went with the book too.

We started meeting in September of 2007 and we call ourselves, "Thread Tales." We number about 40 with 12-20 people producing something for each reveal. We have our book discussions at a Barnes and Noble. I haven't made quilts for all of the books we have read; but, I have made quite a few! If you would like me to share past book club quilts, let me know by leaving a comment! By the way, Ripples was a book club quilt!

The book we discussed in July was "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. In August, we shared the imagery that might work for a reveal project. The project produced isn't always a quilt! It could be a pillow, a bag, a game, a coat, a . . .well, you get the idea!!! The reveal is the last Wednesday of September. We are having a potluck and I'm READY!! (I also made something else. . .but, will save that for another blog!!!)

I have too much green in my scrap drawer to close it easily so that became the source of my fabric. Well, I still can't close the green drawer; but, I'm three pieces of fabric lighter! My quilt measures 4 1/2" x 13 5/8". It is this size because that was the size of the left over polyester piece of batting I wanted to use! 

It has no piecing. Rather, I used Carol Ann Waugh's technique of using machine decorative stitches. It is a technique that I've wanted to try for years; but, haven't. She is the Stupendous Stitching teacher.

I picked threads that contrasted with the background fabric and selected some other fibers I might use. 

Then it was stitch using a few of the many machine decorative stitches that are on my machine. It was hard to not go back and free motion quilt!!!!

It was fun and I'm sorry that I limited myself to such a small size. . .although finished feels GREAT!!! I did chicken out and didn't use the fibers to try my hand at stab stitching. I'll save that experience for another project.

The back of the piece uses another green fabric. I picked up this 9x30 inch strip from the free table at our guild. It was luscious. I wanted the back to be the same fabric so I used smaller pieces to stitch a facing which finished the edge. I watched Vikki Pignatelli on episode 102 of "The Quilt Show"  where she demonstrated how to make a curved facing. I used a third fabric (left over from my package wall hanging) for the sleeve.
This is the label. I'm curious, how do you label your projects? I name each of my projects and then include a little information. Sometimes it is the time it took, what inspired the project, what materials I used and who received it. I also include the size. This year, I started a different numbering system. #920159 stands for: The first nine means I made it in September. 2015 is the year and the last 9 is the projects I completed this year. "Paths" is the ninth! Previously, I listed the date. I found people would ask me what I completed recently when I exhibited an older work. I've noticed that painters sign their work; but, it isn't dated so I've decided to follow suit! Also, it is the third in a series of "line" pieces I felt I needed to create. I've had fun exploring line in quilts. 

Thanks for dropping by for a visit. If you want me to share some other book quilts, let me know so in the comments! 


Lois said...

Terry, Your bookclub/quiltclub sounds like so much fun. I'd love to see more of those projects. Wish I could attend the reveal. However, a cross-country plane ticket for this event wouldn't happen. Lois

Unknown said...

Love this fun "green piece" quilt. I can tell you had fun. And yes more book quilts please

ritzy said...

Looks like you had fun! said...

Lois, I'd love to have you at a reveal! Perhaps, there will be another reason to come this direction??? The book club is fun! Terry said...

Joanne, I'm stitching away on this quilt when I realize. . .I've chosen your color!! I "teeheed" all the way to the finish! Terry said...

Ritzy, It was FUN! Terry

Nancy said...

That turned out great! I haven't read the book, but I did see the movie and I really see your inspiration. I'd love to see your other book-inspired quilts! said...

Nancy, To read that you see my inspiration makes me smile from ear to ear! Thank you and I will be sharing my first book club quilt in a future post! Thank you for your comment!~~Terry