Monday, August 3, 2015

Mini Churn Dash Blocks

As I posted last week, I made churn dash blocks from the 7"squares. 

By the end of the retreat though, I had 32 blocks finished. I'll share one block here. Not sure what the next step is going to be. I didn't use a lot of the 7" block so I have quite a bit left over. I plan to incorporate the leftovers as sashing or perhaps, I'll just piece the churn dashes into long strips and use the leftovers to fill the space. . .hmmm. . .just not sure; but, it is fun to think about another project when the current project one is working on is b o r i n g!!!

I finished quilting in the green star points. What is boring on this project is that it is so repetitious. I decided that the quilting should be in the background so that the star piecing and the colors would be the stars of the quilt.

Then started quilting feathers in the green diamond blocks. 

I was close to finishing these feathers when I discovered I had caught the backing while quilting a green star point. Ripping is involved and I decided, I would tackle that step another day!

I'm closing in on the end of the quilting on this project. The next step will be to quilt feathers in the purple diamonds. Then it will be on to the blocking step which is going to be interesting because the quilting I've done so far has made the quilt wonky!!

I am looking forward to finishing "several" small projects and then starting a new project. 

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