Friday, August 14, 2015

Clean Up

This week, I wanted to share what happens after I finish a project. Previously, I would just start the next project. When I ran out of space, I'd bag up the scraps, fold the larger pieces and shove the pieces in a drawer. . .all rarely to be seen and used again!!! 

Case in point, I had a bag of blue scraps that I tried to use over 23 years and wasn't successful until I stitched them into Dad's Stars! Getting the fabrics out of the bag and into a project was so liberating! 

About two years ago, I watched Bonnie Hunter one evening on her quilt cam talk about her scrap saving system. I decided to try it. So, before I tackle the next project, I collect all the pieces from the finished quilt. 

Using Bonnie's system, I start cutting. I cut strips from the larger pieces; I cut squares and rectangles from the smaller pieces and any piece less than an one and a half inches goes into the string pile. Pieces smaller than an inch, go to the crumb pile! 

The pieces are stored in zip lock bags that are marked by size and color. When I need a certain size strip/square/rectangle, I use these parts and the beauty is that they are ready to sew!! Also, the usable parts take up less space than all those chunks did!!

I also piece the batting. If the pieces are small, I'll use the batting for a bag, placemats or a project that seams in the batting won't matter. This is what I started with: and this is how large the piece was when the I finished piecing.

Finally, I prepare a slide show using a template from smilebox to document the process of that quilt's journey.

Next time, I'll share a "free" project I made from the reclaimed scraps and batting. Honestly, I only bought the thread! 


Luann Fischer said...

Please add the link for following by email,
Great content

Luann Fischer said...

I forgot to click the notify me for this post!!

Luann Fischer said...

I have a collection of 'left overs' from many of my quilt projects. I keep them neatly folded and together, with the idea that when the magical 'someday' arrives, I will make this fabulous scrappy quilt that I can point to pieces and name the quilt or recipient thereof. I think I could use your method of getting them ready to be used, and then Bonnie's method of leaders and enders.
Luann said...

Thanks for your replies, Luann. I've added a link for following by email. Best wishes on creating your fabulous scrappy quilt and may the magical someday arrive very soon!

Deborah said...

Hi Terry. I only keep 2.5 inch strips and 5 inch blocks from my scraps but have found them very useful. Bonnie's scrap saver system sounds like a great way to organize and use scraps.

I finally made it to Portland this summer (we went through on our way to visit family) and on your recommendation I stopped at Fabric Depot. What a beautiful store. I got most of my fabric for my next quilting project I am doing with the Facebook group "Prairie Militia". said...

I'm glad you had a Fabric Depot (FD) experience! Next time you are in the area you MUST plan to stay longer so we can do a little shop hopping!! So GREAT to hear from you!