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Friday, July 24, 2015

Retreat projects

Last February, I went on a retreat that my quilt guild sponsored. Retreats are so much fun because you meet new friends, deepen old friendships and get "juiced" when you see what other people are creating!

At this retreat, we exchange 7" squares of fabric and over the years, I have collected a lot of 7" squares! Some of these squares have made their way into applique projects. Some are cut and waiting to be sewn into blocks and a few actually made their way into a finished quilt! 

In the project on the left, I made lots of nine patch blocks which didn't take long. . .it was the applique border that took forever. I have another top just like this one ready for a pepper applique border. . .but, that is a story for another day!!

Before the retreat, I decided that I would figure out a plan for the squares and stitch the blocks using the fabric as one of my projects. 

I also brought pajamas to finish for one of the grand daughters and two pillow cases to make. (The oldest grand daughter picked the fabrics. She just HAD to have a pillowcase to go with her bunny "jamas"!) I brought the string geese blocks to add some wings. Finally, I took parts to make sawtooth stars.

I finished the pajamas and pillow cases the first day that I was there. I've uploaded a video of how well the granddaughter loved her "jamas" as she called them!

On the second day, I stitched the wings on the string geese.

You already know what I did with the sawtooth stars. Next time, I'll share what the blocks that I made with the 7"squares on the last day.

In the meantime, I finished quilting the purple star points and have moved on to quilting the green star points.


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