Wednesday, May 31, 2023

London Adventure--Day 8

View of the Thames from the Sky Garden
Day eight in London was a big day. I had a massage with Kelly at SEO1. Osteo and Rehab Clinic. She recently has opened a new location. When I was in London last year, I had massages with her regularly. If you are in Central London and have the time, book a massage with her. She has been a positive factor in my physical improvement. Plus, her original office space is about a five minute walk from Nicole's flat!

The Gherkin in the background
Next, we walked over Tower Bridge and around the Tower of London on our way to our first destination. That destination was the Sky Garden. It is about a half hour walk to the Sky Garden. When I visited Nicole last year, I was on the hunt for activities to do and places to see that were low cost. I was excited when I uncovered this place through a Google search. When I shared my find with Nicole, she said she already knew about it because before the pandemic she went there often for yoga!

View of the Shard
You do have to book tickets to the venue; but, there isn't a cost. I thought the garden was the main attraction; but, it is the 360 degree view that is the attraction. There are plants and trees artfully arranged in the space. Some plants were flowering each time I've visited. Likely the garden isn't what is going to make you want to capture a photo! If you click on the link above, you can take a virtual tour of the garden. I enjoyed how the various landmarks are etched into the glass. It is so easy to spot each landmark! 

Showing off the height of the trees
Security is both uniformed and plain clothed. Once in the garden, we often have a coffee and enjoy the views again. We haven't eaten at the restaurants. The coffee is enough.

Hanging out with Auntie at the Sky Garden
After the Sky Garden visit, we took the tube to The Langham House for afternoon tea. One can't visit England and not book an afternoon tea. High tea is an amazing experience. Each time I'm in London, Nicole and I book a tea. Afternoon tea was on Miss K's list. Before our trip, she and her mama went shopping for proper tea attire! She told me sparkle heels were a must accessory for her outfit!

Langham House elevator
We enjoyed the pianist and his music. 

Enjoying the music
The children's tea started with a variety of sandwiches cut into a jig saw puzzle shape.

Jigsaw sandwiches

We had sandwiches too!

Miss K made use of the cream for her tea. She carefully added a few drops to each cup of tea!

Adding cream
The second course were the desserts. 
Dessert array
Our desserts were just as stunning to view and to eat.
Our dessert array
Serving the desserts before the scones surprised us. We were expecting scones and clotted cream; but, then I usually enjoy the scones and am too full to eat the desserts. It was the other way around this time. I ate dessert and took the scones home!
Enjoying a scone
It was a cold, windy day and Miss K saved a scone for the doorman who had greeted us warmly when we arrived. He had told us to enjoy our tea. He reported that the scones were particularly delicious. She saved a scone for him and carefully wrapped it up.

Dressed to meet the doorman
Was he surprised to have received it! She told him that she wanted him to have a snack to tide him over to his dinner. He thanked her and we were off. As we rounded the corner we heard, "Miss, Miss, One moment please!" He was bounding after us. He dropped to her height and presented her with a gift as he said the rules of the job prohibited him from receiving gifts unless he gave one. . . which was a small box of candy! We have no photos to document the event; but, it is a terrific memory!

Oxford and Regent street area
We walked to Oxford and Regent streets. Bond Street is the name of the underground stop. This is where the high end stores are located. We did walk through Selfridges--the shop that packages purchases in the iconic yellow bags.
Queen of Time Sculpture
We even spotted the Queen of Time clock. It was built around 1909 and this was a place where people would meet. Now that we have clocks in our phones, I wonder how many people would realize it is there.
Shopping at St. Christopher's Place
Then we walked to St. Christopher's Place. This is a pedestrian only space and there are unique shops to see.
Reviewing the history of the area 
At one point when there were a lot of vacant shops, this space was slated to be demolished and rebuilt with office buildings. Lucky for the population, a developer named Robin Spiro felt that there was room to blend the old with the new. It is a vibrant area today. It is unique in that it is a pedestrian only shopping space. 

We hopped on the tube to return us to Central London. All the events were a nice way to celebrate our last full day in London.

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Every day that you share from your trip seems like more fun than the one before, Terry! What a great experience for Miss K! The Sky Garden looked really neat to me, and high tea, too. Yum!