Thursday, September 29, 2022

Working on the Recovery Phase and Last Wednesday Post For A While

Once again, I've missed a Wednesday post. Thursday, however, is close to Wednesday. Also, I wrote two posts this week which is my normal rate. Tomorrow, it will be three weeks since I was rear ended. I've had four chiropractic and three massage appointments. I am thankful that I can receive the treatments. I'm thankful that I can drive myself to the the appointments.

Basically, I still feel pain from the mid point of my head down to my tailbone. I am thankful that I can take regular breaths without feeling rib restriction. Coughing and sneezing still cause pain in my neck and back areas. Before the treatments breathing was even painful! It's taken me more than a week to write this post as typing on the lap top more than about ten minutes makes my thumb, index and middle fingers numb. 

I've had X-rays of my spine. The results showed that the top curve of my spine is a little flat and the second curve of my spine is rotated a bit to the right. The chiropractor said that the results are indicative of a rear end accident. With treatments, I might regain the curve and alignment; but, I might have a new normal for me. In other words, I may be living with the way my spine is now. The chiropractor said that there was no reason to not think I'd be back to "normal" activities.

The chiropractor has given me a few neck exercises. Rolling a tennis ball in specific areas of the back of my head has helped decrease the severity of the headache. Unfortunately, one of the exercises sent my neck muscles into an angry flare. The shoulder exercise triggered more numbness in my fingers. For those exercises, I backed off on the number of repetitions and the range of motion. 

Sometimes, the chiropractor is too aggressive with the treatments. It is going to take some time for us to determine what works best for me as she gets to know me and my body. So far, I may feel better at the end of the session; but, in a couple hours, I may also feel like those areas have been lit on fire. The massage therapist is gifted at calming those areas while working on other areas that cause me pain. I miss my previous chiropractor! She is moving to New Zealand because her husband has a job opportunity there. I am thankful that I have a referral for my massage therapist. 

Bending to groom the dog is uncomfortable. I've taken to brushing her on our bed as there is less bending for me. The brushing movement with my arm is tough too. It doesn't take many strokes until the numbness begins. I've found cooking--especially stirring and chopping to be difficult. I'm fortunate that my husband is fine with stirring and chopping as well as lifting full pots from stove/oven to table! 

Work is tough. I'm thankful that I only work about five days a month and most of the time, there is a day in between that I can use as a recovery day. Demonstrating compressions is painful and several hours later, my back is even more painful! I am thankful that there is a lot of walking in my job and that sitting and standing is about the same. Right now, there is no way that I can sit or stand for prolonged periods. Sitting at the table for a meal is sometimes too much!

I miss reading a book. I did manage to finish reading a book I started a couple months ago and I had progressed through about two thirds of a second book before the accident. Holding the book is uncomfortable and looking down is uncomfortable. I may go back to listening to audible books soon if I can manage the time spent on the computer to check them out from the library.

I miss machine piecing and quilting. I miss participating in the quilting related zoom sessions. Some days, I can English Paper Piece and some days I can't. I miss using our season tickets for the college football games. Sitting more than 20 minutes in a car irritates my back. The field is more than an hour and a half drive from where I live. I hope that in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to handle the drive.

In addition to the chiropractic and massage treatments, exercise, ice, Alleve and a positive attitude continue to be part of my recovery.

As for Wednesday posts, these are going on hiatus until I can handle time on the laptop better.  


Janice Smith said...

I am so sorry to read this post. I’m sending you healing thoughts from Massachusetts.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about the trouble you're experiencing from the accident! I can't imagine how difficult this must be. I hope that you have a miraculous turn-around and can start living your normal life again soon!!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm sorry to read this, Terry. Sending peace & healing thoughts to you. No need to reply. Anne-Marie @ Stories from the Sewing Room

LindaH said...

A gentle hug, Terry. <3

Rebecca Grace said...

Terry, it sounds like you are really struggling. Audiobooks are a great idea — have you looked into your public library’s audio books lending program? Sending prayers for a swift and thorough recovery, and for patience and peace as your body works through the healing process. We love you, Terry!

Diane-crewe said...

It is going to take some trial and error to find your tolerance levels …. And TIME x Be kind to yourself x