Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Inventory of One Tub

Goal number six on my September goal list was to inventory the projects in one project tub. I pulled the "designated" tub. I emptied the contents. I wasn't surprised that there were a lot of projects! After all, I excel at bundling and planning projects; but, I'm less than stellar regarding the follow through!

The top tub was "it"
1. A couple blocks that I liked and made extra when the guild did Block of the Month. I thought it would become a table topper; but, I need to make blocks. Perhaps, a table runner would be a better option.

2. Class project when Sylvia Pippen was the instructor. Haven't touched it since I was in class. It is a handwork project.

3. Leftover knit and cotton fabric from the summer dresses that I made for the oldest two granddaughters. Perhaps, I'll make one for the youngest granddaughter!

4. I cut a bunch of 7 inch squares into hexagon shapes and made a couple blocks. Haven't touched the project in years.

5. A By Annie's pattern for an organizer. I've made several of these and have fabrics for lots more!

6. At least three hanging dish towel projects in this group and as many as six!

7. This is a book club quilt that I thought that I'd stitch years ago.

8. Lots of yardage in this print rayon fabric. Have no idea what sort of clothing pattern to tackle.

9. This is a started book club quilt that stalled. Perhaps, I'll figure out how to move it forward.

10. Button ornament possibly. I saw one on Pinterest and wanted to make some. I even sorted through my buttons to capture a few of the right color to make a tree. It's been years since I did this!

11. Leftover piece of a selvage block. I had an idea about making more "yardage." That thought was in the winter of 2020.

How many projects in one tub . . .at least 22

12. Christmas fabric strip pieced. . .maybe a table runner, a stocking or a placemat? I made a couple stockings and these are the leftovers.

13. Christmas wall hanging project from my friend Martha's stash. Maybe I can add some length and make it into a comfort quilt donation.

14. Three dishtowels for embroidery. This could be a place to stitch what I've made playing with my new software.

15. A thread catcher project. The directions and the hoop are included in the bag. 

16. A wrist pincushion that I made when I was ten. The dog chewed it up; but, I'd like to make a replacement. Maybe, the two older granddaughters would like to make one too.

17. At least three sample blocks with no idea why I bundled these up together. Maybe my plan was to use the blocks in a back or possibly make pot holders out of them.

18. Pot holder project .   .  .there must be at least four in this group and I've one complete!

19. Three small bags of bonus triangles. I want to make a Wild and Goosey quilt pattern by Bonnie Hunter. Quilters gifted these to me.

20. String basket/bowl project. Started in a workshop. I would have to revisit the tutorial to remember how to twist the strings!

21. Credit or gift card holder project.

22. I was the winner of these nine blocks from contributing to the block of the month. Maybe, these could be put together to make a baby quilt. 

Now to choose one project and make progress which is goal number seven on that list. 

Should I put the numbers in a hat and draw? Should I pick one that I can finish in an afternoon? Should I pick one that I could gift during the holidays? Should I pick one that takes up the most space? Should I pick one that my granddaughters could do too? Should I spend one week a month working only on projects in this tub? Should I spend one day a week only working on projects in this box?

Hm m m. . . .I'll noodle on the options. Perhaps by next week I'll know what I'm going to do. Gertie, my inner squirrel, has had lots of suggestions!

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Anne-Marie said...

I've been enjoying reading your process with the cleaning and the totes of projects. It's very relatable.