Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Ottolenghi Recipes--post 3

Learning about mushrooms
I've continued to cook recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi's SIMPLE cookbook. Goal number one one my September list was to write a post about the dishes I've made since sharing our potluck in London.

I did make a repeat of the muhummara, pickled egg plant, cucumber salad and pea salad dishes for Dick and Gail, a couple of my Washington State friends. I continue to make the hummus on a regular basis. 

Not all of the recipes that I have prepared have been wows. A few recipes were the kind that making them once was enough.  Over time, I'll share my thoughts and a photo of all the recipes that I've tried.

One recipe that I was interested to try was the Burger with Mushrooms and Feta recipe on pages 164-165. Making this recipe in London involved a trip to the mushroom vendor which was an experience in itself. I have eaten a few types of mushrooms; but at the mushroom vendor's stall, there were mushrooms I hadn't seen! 

We told him what we were planning to make with the mushrooms. We asked if he could recommend ones that would hold up with the cooking and pair well with the other ingredients in the dish.

Hen of the Woods
He was happy to select a few varieties for us. We learned where they originated and how to use them. Some wild varieties, you tear apart and some varieties you leave as they are. You slice the cultivated varieties.

We visited this vendor several times during my London stay. He was always passionate about his product which made it extra fun to purchase from him. We did purchase some brown and white mushrooms from the local market to round out our dish.

We tore the Hen of the Woods and the Oyster mushrooms. We left the Cordyceps whole and we sliced the rest. Those orange Cordyceps  remained orange in the dish which provided a lot of interest! The Girolle turned a darker shade of orange in cooking. I didn't use all of these mushrooms in one recipe. Over several repeats of the recipe I've used all the varieties pictured here.

I've made the dish once since I've been home. I used the mushrooms that my husband could purchase in the supermarket. While the dish was still tasty, it was better using a wider variety of mushrooms.

I like the recipes that you serve from the cooking pan. It sure helps with cleanup! This dish also tasted terrific cold as a leftover.

I'm a week late in writing this post. I haven't missed writing a Wednesday post in a long time. I had this post started before being rear ended. Unfortunately, I physically haven't been able to type more than a line or two at a time. It takes me a long time to write a post with all those interruptions! My fingers tingle and my arms go to sleep. I still have a headache, neck and back pain. I am so ready to get rid of the headache!

The dish ready to serve
Sigh. . .I've been to two chiropractic and one massage appointment. I felt a little better after the second chiropractic appointment and I gained a little range of motion with the massage appointment in my neck. 

I've scheduled more of each. I still can't machine quilt because my arms tire and my fingers tingle just getting into position to quilt. I have been doing a little hand piecing; but, I'm behind on the blocks for my temperature quilt. 

Every day I hope that it will be the day that I can try sitting at the machine to piece. Sitting at the table for a meal isn't that comfortable either so I haven't tried sitting at the machine. I've missed Zoom sewing with my groups because I sitting in the chair makes my back hurt. 

I find chopping, stirring, carrying the dish to the oven and table tough to do. I baked some bread, but, my husband needed to finish because my arm strength gave out. He's been a great sous chef. I'm telling myself to be patient.

I will heal. 

As far as the car repair goes, we were able to get it to a shop for an estimate. We chose two car repair shops. The second shop on our list didn't have an estimation appointment open until the beginning of October. We decided that we would go with the shop that we were able to get the estimation of damage appointment. 

We have a repair appointment scheduled November eighth. That appointment is about two months after the accident. Materials like parts are all still a challenge to source and ship. We are fortunate we can still drive the car. 


Anonymous said...

I had the same symptoms as you. Doctor sent me to physical therapy which helped the neck/headaches, and then one of the therapists discovered my ulnar nerve was constricted at the collar bone. She corrected that and the numbness disappeared. So you might have your ulnar nerve checked for constriction.

Janice Smith said...

Go easy and feel better soon.

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh wow -- I am so sorry to hear about your accident, both for the inconvenience and damage to the car as well as, and more importantly, the damage to YOU! Those mushrooms are fascinating and I would never have dreamed that "hen of the woods" variety was something safe to eat if I just happened upon it in the wilderness (not that I have any kind of "survivor skills" whatsoever -- I am definitely not qualified to identify which plants and shrooms are edible and which ones are Super No-Nos!). Feel better soon, Terry. Wishing you a swift and thorough recovery so you can get back to doing all of the things you love to do!