Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Two Swim Suits Finished

Swim suit number one
One Thursday, I drew off the swim suit pattern for the eight year old granddaughter. The next day, I cut it out and stitched it. The following Sunday, I cut out a swim suit for the ten year old granddaughter and on Monday I stitched it. Two swimsuits completed. 

Hooray! I had planned to try to sew them with the granddaughters. I, however, am challenged when it comes to stretching the elastic and aligning the edges of the fabric when I sew. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be for each of the granddaughters. Sewing shouldn't be a struggle. Sewing should be a joy. Additionally, summer is ending. If the girls were going to get a swim suit for THIS summer, I needed to get on the project.

I'll spare you the in process photos. I neglected to take any. Photos of the girls wearing their suits seemed more appropriate anyway! The girls were excited about a new suit. They went to an overnight camp this week. They packed their suits. I sure feel honored that these suits made their cut!

They return home in a couple of days. I look forward to hearing how the suits performed when the granddaughters swam in the camp pool! Their mama recognized the patterns as she had suits made from the same patterns when she was about their ages. 

The fabric in suit number one was thick enough that I only lined the crotch. I used the same fabric to line suit number two. Thanks to my friend Marla, I have enough swim fabric to last me the rest of my life so lining the suit with the same fabric is something that I can many more times in my future! I used about two yards of fabric in this project. This brings the total yardage I've used this year from my stash to 61 and three quarters yards.

Making one suit was goal number five on my August list. I thought that I might get one made for me this month; but, I think I'll consider stitching one in October.

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Diane-crewe said...

Wow that’s brave! I would not know where to start ! Well done x