Sunday, August 14, 2022

Orange Blocks Complete for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Selection of orange fabrics
I was excited when Angela released the color orange for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I always enjoy checking out Angela's linkup each Saturday because the blocks people post are wonderful! Then, I encountered a reality check. In my chunk drawer, the selection was one piece of light orange, one piece that had a lot of yellow in with the orange, one piece that had a pumpkin feel and the rest were orange with a brown feel. I had in mind a brighter orange. 

Colored strips cut and ready to stitch
I raided the fabrics in my Good Fortune project box because there were more of the "oranges" that I wanted to stitch into blocks. At some point, I'll get back to the Good Fortune project. (Good Fortune was the 2018-2019 Bonnie Hunter Mystery.) I pulled what I needed. I cut the fabrics for my blocks. I don't think I'll miss what I used in the project box.  

Orange blocks
In a few hours in an evening,  I stitched my blocks.  I'm ready for the next color.  I'm linking with Cynthia and Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. I'm linking to Angela and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge because without her, I wouldn't have played with the colors or made a block!

This is half of goal number eight on my August list. The other half of my goal of number eight is to keep up with my temperature quilt blocks. . .so far so good!


Diane-crewe said...

Such a lovely bright block x

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm always raiding one project bin for another just to find that perfect piece of fabric! I've definitely had to do that for orange month. Your log cabins are fun in orange, Terry!

Chantal said...

You managed to find some lovely orange prints. Love your blocks. ;^)

Ivani said...

Terry , your blocks look so cool and you found beautiful oranges. Which are the sizes of your finished blocks? Last year I made 16" blocks, maybe next year I will continue with them, let's see.
Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

My poor orange collection is getting pretty low. One of these days I'll need to add to them. But I was happy to get 3 blocks done which is what I'm doing with each color. Your oranges are looking good. I may need to think of doing "round" log cabin blocks next year. Yours are going to be a stunning quilt when done.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Oh, these blocks are so good, Terry!!! How am I going to keep the block number down next year when there are so many tempting RSC block possibilities!?!

Preeti said...

Beautiful oranges. Are you channeling fall in your blocks? It certainly feels like pumpkin spice and butternut squash soup. I am ready for fall.