Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A Plan. . .OR is it a List??

Before: The next designated pile to clear
Goal number six on my August list was to make a plan about tackling the projects that I've stored in a couple of tubs. In my head, I thought that goal number six was to clear/organize an area of my space. It was tough, but I did find homes for all the stuff but the wire basket. I have to report having access to the cabinet shelving is great. Note that in the after photo, my cutting table is still clear! Clearing another pile is a bonus!

I thought that the wire basket could become the place holder for the projects in the queue. I've written before that I'm super great at bundling projects but less than stellar than finishing the bundles. For now, I'll leave that wire basket empty. This was the basket that my friend, Martha, had about half full of strips and strings!

I wrote that I had a couple tubs of started/planned projects; but, I have more than that! I considered making projects out of the flannel bin and small project box until it was empty. Gertie, my inner squirrel, was on board with that idea.

After: Cleared area
Because sewing quilts out of flannel is not my favorite activity, I couldn't see myself sticking with that plan. I thought about choosing to work through one tub. I asked myself how would I approach the projects stored in the tub?

Gertie immediately reminded me that I've some projects that are within sight that I've earmarked to work on in the next year. I wondered how would I work those projects into the mix?

Maybe, I spend the next year working on started projects. Of course, Gertie swished her tail in excitement about getting back to some of those abandoned projects. Then she whispered in my ear wanting to know what happens when we start a new project? She also wanted to know how I planned to spend time learning the new embroidery software that I purchased last month. All good questions with no great answers. . . YET!

Mostly flannel scraps from Martha's stash
I had so many questions and no clear answers! I had a conversation with my friend, Marla, who is an organizing
guru. She suggested that I take an inventory of my projects. I have resisted making a list of started projects. She did help me see the value of a list, however. Sigh. . . .

I made a general list from the thoughts running around in my head combined with Gertie's gentle nudges:

1. Make two to three flannel projects in 2023. Making the projects make a dent in the amount of flannel in the box without making me commit to spending hours sewing with fabric I'd rather not sew! Most of the flannel came from from when I sewed pajamas and nightgowns when my daughters were in elementary school.

Two tubs of started projects
Most of the other flannel that I acquired from my friend, Martha, I've made into six quilts that have been gifted. I still have some juvenile flannel prints in a small project box that were in Martha's stash. Click on the link so view all the projects I've made from her scraps thus far.

2. Inventory the projects in one tub. Some of the projects are clothing. Some of the projects are small gift items. Some of the projects are quilts. I'm considering numbering the projects and then drawing one project every month to have more finishes or at least make progress! Likely there are more than a dozen projects in a tub. This step would be a start.

3. Make a list of the requests I've received. Someone wants Christmas stockings. I don't have to have the stockings finished in time for Santa's visit in 2022. The granddaughters that live near by, want to work on their quilt projects and to make clothes.

4. I have the Grassy Creek, Bonnie Hunter, mystery project from 2021 that is ready for the last clue.

5. I have four butterfly quilts that have been lingering for years at various stages.

6. I have some started book club quilts. Several projects are in the drawing stage. Several projects are in the "stuck" stage.

7. I've two older quilts that need a hanging sleeve attached. 

8. I've started class projects stored in project boxes.

9. I've a temperature quilt from 2021 that needs quilting.

Sigh. . . .

I could go on; but I decided that this list was varied and big enough! If another pandemic happens in the next five years, my little space will keep me occupied! I've spent more than a decade "acquiring" the projects and it is going to take time to reduce the number of them. 

Seriously, this list will evolve as I learn what what works. A list is helpful. My current thought is to incorporate an item or two from the list on my monthly and quarterly goals. Let's see how that works for a few months and a couple of quarters!


Ivani said...

Good luck with your list.
I am afraid to list all my Ufos, but need to make this someday.

Janice Smith said...

I don’t want to think about all the projects that I have to finish, but I must say I feel a bit better knowing I’m not the only one in this situation. :-)

Diane-crewe said...

Good luck … I do not even want to THINK about how many projects are “waiting” for me to get round to them! Lol