Sunday, January 2, 2022

December Recap; January Goals

Binding for Frolic
My December goals were:

1. Finish Frolic.

✔ 2. Keep up with the Bonnie Hunter 2021  Rhododendron Trail mystery. 

3. Fully finish the small hand stitching project. 

✔4. Finish the fourth flannel quilt
Hand stitching project

5. Piece a back for the lone star and begin 
quilting it. 

6. Piece the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks into a top.

✔7. Figure out my next RainBow Scrap Challenge block. I did enjoy playing along with Angela at Super Scrappy constructing the blocks this year!

✔8. Figure out my next Temperature quilt block.

9. Finish the heart wall hanging.

✔10. Make four to six decorative hanging kitchen towels.

✔11. Work on the new baby quilt(s). 

✔12. Layer the string top and begin quilting it. 

13. Finish the December temperature block and figure out the legend/sashing. 

✔14. Finish the log cabin block

15. Help Miss J get her churn dash blocks into a top and maybe quilted. 

Completing eight of the fifteen goals and making progress on four other goals was a good month! I do like looking back and seeing the progress that I have made!

I also helped four American Red Cross lifeguard instructors renew their certifications. I helped 35 participants earn their American Heart Basic Life Support certificates.

My January goals are:

Rhododendron Trail mystery blocks

1. Finish Frolic. I'm hand stitching the binding. I've completed two sides of the binding. The label is pinned in place. I've decided to add a sleeve. 

I thought that I would finish it last month; but, didn't. I hadn't planned to hand stitch the binding and I hadn't planned to add a sleeve. I've a lot of stitches ahead of me, however, I have many more stitches behind me. I can see the finish line!

This is the project that I am making as my One Monthly Goal this month. Please visit: Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal January Link-up for lots of inspiration!

2021 RSC blocks

2. Continue keeping up with the Bonnie Hunter 2021 Rhododendron Trail mystery. 

3. Fully finish the small hand stitching project. Last month, I finished the stitching. Now I need to figure out how to frame it.

4. Piece a back for the lone star. 

5. Piece the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks into a top. My design consultant, the oldest granddaughter, has a good eye for color and composition. She has a plan

2022 RSC block
6. Stitch the 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge block. I had fun participating last year. I want to play along with Angela at SuperScrappy constructing blocks again this year! 

I chose a log cabin block. My sample block was even in the right color for this month so I believe I'm off to a great start! I might choose to make a couple blocks and continue making them in 2023!

7. Start stitching the Temperature blocks for 2022. I'm planning to English Paper Piece cubes this year. I need to purchase a few fabrics; but, my order for hand dyed fabric and paper piecing supplies has been placed! 

I plan to prep a lot of the papers so that when it comes to the day, I'll have a selection of parts ready to put together. Likely, I won't start piecing the blocks until the end of the month or perhaps at the beginning of February. Being behind won't be great; but, I'll be able to catch up.

8. Work on the new baby quilts. Last month, I stitched the blocks for two quilts. I'd like to get the tops pieced this month.
Determining the size for the 2022 Temperature block

9. Finish the December temperature block and figure out the legend/sashing. My design consultant, Miss K helped me with the sashing. I'm still stuck with the legend design.

10. Help Miss J get her churn dash blocks into a top and begin to piece the back. We had snow and ice on the days she had planned to come to stitch so we will have to schedule a sew day or two once the weather returns to wind and rain!

11. Begin a BOM. I purchased the Color My World kit last summer from The Quilt Show. I've been apprehensive about beginning the project because it is likely over my head. Likely, I'll work on pre-washing the fabrics to start. 

Baby quilt blocks

Gertie, my inner squirrel, was telling me to order the kit the day it was released. She's excited about this project! In fact, she wants to blog about that project and the RSC this year. Hm m m . . .I don't know if I'm ready to share my blog. 

12. Continue quilting the string top. I started the ditch quilting last month.

13. Write a post about a past Thread Tales quilt.

14. Make a house block for a guild president.

I'm linking to Angela at SuperScrappy regarding the RSC. I'm linking to Cynthia at Oh Scrap/Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework regarding my scrap projects.

String of Lightening
For many months, I've reported the COVID numbers. I've decided to no longer include a weekly report. Medical sources predict another serge of COVID cases in the coming weeks. For months, I've watched televised collegiate and professional football games. When the camera scans the crowd, I see few masks worn properly. When I'm out, I also see a disregard for masks.

With people disregarding the mask guidelines, serges will become more common place. The return to "normal" will be delayed even longer. I continue to shake my head at the state of the world in regards to its inhabitants' responses to battling COVID. I will continue to act responsibly when I leave my home. Home continues to be a wonderful place to hang. I am so thankful for my studio and for Zoom as a method to connect with friends. Please be safe!


scraphappy said...

Your red log cabin a a great way to start the new year. Best of luck with your goals for January. Looks like you will be busy!

Ivani said...

Hi Terri, You have made a great start for 2022 RSC blocks and great plans for the month.
You too, please Stay safe.
Happy and Health New Year!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Lots of lovely projects going on at your house! I look forward to seeing all your lovely projects in the coming year. I really like your RSC project.

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice work on checking off those December goals, Terry! Best of luck with the new ones you've set for January.