Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Log Cabin Block--Handwork Completed (post 2)

Light corner and the stitches

What a fun I had completing the hand stitching on this log cabin block. I am surprised at how much more interest the hand embroidery embellishment added to the block. From the chain stitch, I added the fly stitch, a couple loops of daisy daisy--these made me think of butterflies and a variation of the coral stitch. 

Stab stitch in a couple patterns

I looked at the outer edge of the green part of the log cabin and decided, I play a bit with the stab stitch in that area. I like the texture that the stab stitch provides. 

Colonial knots

Then I took another look at the black stitched area and decided I needed a little bit more in the space so I added colonial knots. I liked the addition.

Finished block
I stepped back and asked. . .am I finished? Gertie, my inner squirrel, replied with a resounding YES! Next month, I'll work on finishing the project. It is going to be a book club finish for the book "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng. I'm thinking about a backing fabric and an edge finish. This was goal number ten on my September list.

Who knew embroidery could add so much interest to a quilt block. Thanks Jean for teaching this as a Saturday workshop last January!


Luann Fischer said...

Terry, your pink stitches on the green remind me of a binding stitch for book binding. Funny how things relate back and forth. Lovely stitching. said...

Luann, those stab stitches reminded me of your book binding too! It is funny how things relate back and forth! The stitching was fun!