Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021 1st quarter goals and the January monthly goal

1. Quilt this top
I didn't make much progress on my fourth quarter Finish-A-Long 2020 list. I had two finishes in the quarter. One finish, Unity, was on my list, so the quarter wasn't a total loss! This quarter, I'm changing my strategy. I don't know if there will be a 2021 Finish-A-Long (FAL). The hosts didn't post information about FAL beyond the initial introductory post. When the posting became exclusively through Instagram, I haven't made much of an effort to look at other people's projects. 
2. Flannel top #1 ready for basting

The Instagram platform, while having lots of great photos, doesn't have enough details. I have missed reading the post behind the photo. The FAL has been happening for years and it could be that it was time for a change. I, however, think having a plan helps me so I'll continue posting quarter goals. This year, some goals won't be finishes; but, the goals will help move a project forward.

Because I get sidetracked with other projects and because it can take me a long time to finish projects, I'm also going to include a monthly goal. The monthly goal won't necessarily be a finish; but, it will be something that will help move a project forward. I have a quilting friend who refers to a "closet of abandonment." This is where her projects went when she got stuck, the project lost its allure, etc. I have a stack of project boxes that have hung around for years. The reason I stopped working on the project was because I started a new project. I'm such a squirrel. . .I'm attracted to the next shiny and sparkling project!!!! While I'm not ready to actually know how many projects are in the UFO/abandonment stage, I do pan to set myself up to make better progress this year.

3. Flannel top #2 ready for basting
My monthly goal for January is to quilt in the ditch of quilt number one. If I progress further than that, I will feel terrific. If I get started, I will feel grateful. I'm also linking to Elm Street Quilts to her one monthly goal. January 7 is the last day to link for the month. If you want to link and play, do it soon!

Also, I am planning to schedule time each week to work with my embroidery software. I got stuck with the January lesson last year and I didn't make progress past that point. I know that if I had a better understanding of the software, I would use it.

I have one quilt top ready to quilt and two others that are ready to be layered. I need the pins that are in the top that is ready for quilting before I can layer and baste the other tops! These projects will be goals one through four.  I plan to develop my walking foot quilting skills when quilting the flannel tops. Although, in the larger areas, I may try to slip in a little quilting with rulers! If I can quilt one top a month, I'd be happy!
4. Flannel top #3 ready for basting

#1. Quilt number one is one of the last tops my friend Martha finished before she died. I know of a high school graduate that would like it as a finished quilt. Last August, I pieced a back and pin basted it together. It is ready to be quilted. I'm planning a lot of in the ditch quilting with something fun stitched in the sashing.

#2. Quilt number two is the first flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. #3. Quilt number three is the second flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. #4. Quilt number four is the third flannel top that I made from Martha's flannel scraps. Martha had a lot of scraps!! I have made pieced backs for each of the tops and when the basting pins are free from quilt number one, I'll quilt one of these tops. I'll be happy if I can baste and quilt one of these projects each month!
5. Supplies for a small wallhanging
#5. Project number five is to stitch the hand dyed black fabric into a modern styled wall hanging with the red corduroy applique and other red accents. I've thought about this project for about a year. I don't know why I've kept this project in the project box. 

#6. Project number six is cross stitching six Santa ornaments. I thought it would take me a couple weeks in the evening to complete these. I did complete the stitching. What is left is to cut the ornaments apart and add the hangers. Perhaps, this will be one of my first finishes this quarter!
6.-8. Cross stitch and bag projects

#7. Project number seven is cross stitching another small project. I've a bunch of small projects like this. Most of these came from Martha's sewing room. It is nice to have another medium to play with from time to time! I also completed one of these last year.

#8.  Project number eight is to stitch three camel back carry all bags. Nothing happened with this project last quarter. Perhaps, because I don't have a purpose for them is why I haven't progressed. 

#9. Project number nine is a piece of machine embroidery that I think would make a Spring wall hanging.

    9.-11. Three small wallhanging projects

#10. Project number ten is that little piece of embroidery that I thought wanted to be a pillow. It wanted to be a wall hanging. I decided it needed a word. It looked like Summer to me so I penciled in that word on the piece. I thought that I would get the word embroidered last quarter; but, it didn't happen!

#11. Project number eleven is six curved pieced waste blocks from Martha's scrap bin. I played around with an arrangement of the blocks and came up with a fun design.

#12. Project number twelve is Frolic. Last quarter, I made an additional six blocks with some of the leftovers. I want to make enough more blocks to increase the size a bit as well as use more of the leftover cut pieces. It would be great to finish the top this quarter. 
12. Make more Frolic blocks

#13. Project number thirteen is the butterfly. I'd like to finish gluing the edges of the pieces I used to collage it. 

This month, I'll be taking virtual Saturday workshops through my guild as well as teaching one workshop. That means, I will start about eight new projects! You can read about the first two Saturday workshops here.

I plan to spend part of each Sunday in the month using the embroidery software. I'm currently stitching the Bonnie Hunter Grassy Creek mystery. I'm planning a Temperature quilt. I have a selection of fabrics, a pattern and a rough plan; but, I haven't started the blocks yet.

Last night, I began reading our Thread Tales book for the quarter, "A Single Thread" by Tracy Chevalier. Thread Tales is my book club. We read a book and we may be inspired by the book to stitch a project. After reading a few chapters, I'm thinking project number nine might be the project for the book. I am also thinking about participating in the rainbow scrap challenge. I've watched from the sidelines at the blocks people create; but haven't taken the plunge. Scraphappy sure has some great starts already!
13. Glue the edges of the fabrics

Next month, I am attending a virtual retreat. I've some preparation work to complete before the end of the month. I sure enjoyed the previous two that I attended. I look forward to the shared laughter that this retreat will bring.

Already, I've lined up plenty of projects for the year ahead! Boredom will not inhabit my quilting studio in 2021! Perhaps, I'll even figure out my formula to complete more finishes while I play in my studio!




Rebecca Grace said...

Well, uff da! That is a big list! I'm with you on Instagram -- I don't get why so many prefer it over blogging. To be sure, quilters who don't enjoy writing can get a photo up on IG a lot faster and "feel the love" of those little likes and loves quicker, but there's just not enough information for me about what I'm looking at and it's hard to put names and faces together with the images and feel like you know anyone there. Good luck with your projects this year! said...

Rebecca, perhaps it is the "writing" part for those that prefer the Instagram platform over the blogging platforms. It is hard to put names and faces together with images! As for the projects, I so want to finish more! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

I too have a closet of abandonment, well a few shelves anyway. You certainly have enough to keep you busy for a while! Thanks for the book recommendation, I have bought the kindle version of it and look forward to getting stuck in! Have a great weekend,
Jillxo said...

Jill, I've been starting more projects. . . .I'm working on finishes too. . .If I could be more efficient with my time. . . .well, that's a story for a different day!!!! Enjoy the book, I am.