Sunday, November 1, 2020

Woodland Flower -- A 2010 project

Detail of Woodland Flower
In January 2010, I took a two fabric applique class from Nancy Lee Chong. Nancy creates patterns using two fabrics  and the needle turn applique technique. The "Woodland Flower" was her in class pattern because it has straight edges, inside corners, outside corners and points. She was an excellent teacher. I learned how to tackle those sections of applique. I had always wanted to learn needle turn applique. My efforts to learn the technique on my own, while admirable, were less than pleasing! 

The previous March, I was rear ended in a car accident and my car was smashed into the car in front of me. The car behind hit my car a second time and smashed me again into the car in front of me. I walked away from the accident. My five month old car had to have the front and back replaced. The car frame was even cracked. My air bag didn't deploy which surprised me. 

The following August, I had neck surgery to fuse cervical vertebra five, six and seven. The surgery helped my arms from falling asleep when I tried to fold laundry and to address an envelope. The surgery wasn't the cure all. While I was better, I wasn't as good as I was before. 

When I explained to Nancy that hand sewing caused me pain after a few minutes, she gave me the pointers that I employ to this day! Rather than hold the work in my lap, or on a table and look down to applique, I hold the work up at eye level. I also sit in a chair with my feet up. I can't applique for hours; but, I can applique. I am thankful I took her class for that body positioning information! I have several hand projects that I need to work on. I miss having an evening project to do while watching TV with my husband.

I had to give up gardening.Talking on the phone is difficult--my arm/hand goes to sleep holding the phone to my ear.  Holding a hard bound book is still uncomfortable. Some days are less painful than other days. I still get neck spasms. I can only work part time. I was fortunate to have supervisors who have given me accommodations to be able to continue to teach a few classes. I changed how I cooked and cleaned.  Truthfully, I actually do little of both. I am thankful for my husband who does most of both! I feel blessed to be able to continue to produce a quilt entirely by my hand.

I quilted this piece with silk thread in the brown areas and sulky thread in the batik fabric. I used Vikki Pignatelli's method of facing the project. I shared this project in my old blog. I'm posting about it again because one of my goals is to document my earlier work.

Back of quilt
Regarding COVID:

Worldwide: 45.9M cases; 1.19M deaths

United States: 9.16M cases; 230K deaths

Oregon: 44,388 cases; 677 deaths

The number of positive cases are rising at alarming rates almost everywhere. More people are hospitalized. Again, the issue of available beds and equipment is occurring. A number of European leaders have locked down or imposed severe restrictions in their countries as they did earlier in the year. Friday, there were 600 cases reported in Oregon which was the highest number since reporting began last March.

In Multnomah County, it was reported that last year there were 365 court cases. This year, that number is 89. The reason is that social distancing requirements during COVID limit where the cases can be held. It is unknown how long it will take before judges and juries can hear back log of court cases. It is going to be a long time before we recover from the damage COVID caused.

Front of quilt
Regarding the protests: One night this week, three groups of protestors demonstrated in three different areas. One group marched to the North police precinct building. One group met at Arbor park in response to black lives matter and marched to commissioner Dan Saltzman's house demanding action toward defunding of the police department in a city council meeting the following day. One group met at the Justice Center and held a candlelight vigil for the man killed in Philadelphia. 

Last night, 150 protestors gathered to protest capitalism in the northeast Lloyd District. Protestors smashed windows of at least 10 businesses. Police declared a riot. Across the river in Vancouver, protesting and vandalism occurred in the downtown sector too. Protestors were protesting over the police shooting a black man that happened Friday night. Police had approached the man after catching him selling drugs. The man ran and then pulled a gun. When the man pulled the gun, three officers opened fire. The man died.

The granddaughters showing their pumpkin art
Regarding voting:According to the BBC, more than 85 million people have voted. In Oregon 52% of the votes have been cast. Tuesday may be Election Day; but, it is doubtful that the results will be known until weeks later.

Yesterday was the end of the month. I assisted 59 people earn their American Heart Basic Life Support CPR certificates. It was also Halloween. I saw a photo of the granddaughters in their Halloween costumes. They dressed up and watched movies at home. Earlier in the week, they drew the designs on their pumpkins for their dad to carve. He did a good job at achieving the design they drew!


Luann Fischer said...

I think you are an amazingly talented woman. And your desire to continue with the certifications is wonderful. Hopefully next Halloween those grandkids will be ringing your doorbell and visiting. said...

Honestly, Luann, I think if ONLY I had quilting to keep me occupied during the day, it wouldn't be enough during this pandemic. My desire to not let go of everything dear continues to be strong. Yes, perhaps, next year there will be an opportunity to see the costumes in persons. We can hope for that. As for being talented, thank you. Funny, I don't see myself as being talented, though!

Janice Smith said...

You are definitely talented, industrious, and resilient. Stay safe and keep creating. said...

Janice, thank you for your kind comment although if I were to describe myself I'd say I was stubborn and persistent!