Sunday, July 26, 2020

Unity--Post 9

Circle template tools
When I first pieced the skinny borders around the center block, I thought that circles would be a good motif to quilt in that space. I pulled out my circle templates.

As for why I thought circles was the motif--perhaps, the fabric suggested the circles! The white on white print features lots of circles.  At any rate, I auditioned various sizes of circles. I decided that I would "eyeball" the distance between the circles.

Interestingly, the template that worked the best for me was the thimble! I placed the thimble in the border and drew around it with the blue soluble marking pen. Sometimes, I needed to redraw a few of the circles because my eye noticed a difference in the spacing. Then, I free motioned quilted each circle. I filled the spaces around the circles with pebbles. 

Circles ready to free motion quilt
I've quilted a lot of pebbles. I find it easier to see where I have quilted when I use a thread that is slightly lighter or darker than than the background.

Pebbles, while creating a wonderful texture, take a long time to stitch. I probably spent a couple hours on each side of the border to quilt this motif.

I used an aurifil 50 weight thread. It is the same thread that I used to quilt the swirly motif. It looks different because the fabric is lighter than the backgrounds of most of the center block.
Circles with the pebbled background

 In the end, I was pleased with the result. I plan to quilt more circles in other parts of the quilt. There are several more of these borders. I plan to repeat the circles with pebbles that I quilted in this section in those other like borders. It will take time; but, it also takes time to figure out what to quilt in spaces!

My next step will be to quilt the next round or next border. I have some ideas of what I will try since I had time to ponder while I was quilting all those pebbles!

I sure thought that I would have most of the quilting finished on this quilt at the end of a month; but, at the rate I'm going it may be September before I finish this project. I'm not on a deadline so I can enjoy the journey!

Covid update:
Worldwide:16.1M confirmed cases; 9.27M recovered; 645K deaths
United States: 4.5M confirmed cases; 1.28M recovered; 149K deaths
Oregon: 16,104 confirmed cases; 282 deaths

The number of positive Covid cases continues to rise in the state. The governor this week made it mandatory for kids five and older and for people working out in gyms to wear masks as well. Many businesses had already been asking customers to wear a mask while shopping.There is talk that there will be more tightening of restrictions. There are still a lot of people who applied for unemployment back in March; but, have yet to have received any money. One of my aquatic friends was laid off on Monday because the pool can't open. Another of my aquatic friends received notice that she will be furloughed after July 31.

Finished circles and pebbles border
It appears that Oregon schools will start on time in the Fall; but using either an online program or distance learning program until it is safe enough for kids to meet in the classroom. 

The city of Portland has weathered eight weeks of violent protests. Some of the destruction has been televised nightly on national news.  A judge refused a request to bring a lawsuit against federal agents for arresting the violent protestors. The local news stated that since the protests began local police arrested 60 protestors. Reports of how many protestors the federal agents have arrested are not available. 


Rebecca Grace said...

Oh my gosh, Terry -- your pebble circles look AMAZING! And yes, I KNOW how long it took to quilt them! The thimble "template" was a stroke of genius and, you're right -- thread in a slightly darker or lighter color DOES show them off better than matching thread. said...

Thank you, Rebecca. I appreciate you stopping by. Regarding the thimble, I sometimes am surprised with the number of every day objects I have used over time for purposes other than what was their design!