Wednesday, July 22, 2020

A Bag of Flannel Scraps--This Project Starts With A Rectangle

The assortment of fabrics
I decided to tackle a second pile of scraps to see what I could make using improvisational piecing. The pansy fabric was leftover end cuts from one of Martha's projects that I cut into four inch by ten inch pieces. There was a strip of light blue flannel that I also cut into the same size rectangles. I also uncovered a couple three inch by ten inch rectangles of a different flannel print fabric that I decided would be part of this project. I had 12 rectangles as my base.

Next, I cut the remaining chunks into strips ranging in size from one inch wide to two and half inches wide. My idea was to piece the strips into sections that I would piece above and below the  rectangles.
Strips ready to piece together

There was an additional quarter yard piece of light blue flannel that I thought might become setting strips to frame the pansy piecing. The hot pink fabric was so bright that I decided I would cut it in mostly inch segments and use it as a pop of color for interest.

As I stitched the strips together, I realized that my original plan wasn't going to work. I played with the arrangement of the rectangles. I thought about the subway tile in my kitchen. I decided to stitch the blue flannel at the top and bottom edge of the rectangles. I saved the green print strips to use them as sashings or borders.

I pushed the block sections closer together and auditioned the strip blocks as a border for the top and bottom of the "tiles." I filled in the blank spaces with a chunk of dark green flannel.
The leftover bits

The remaining green print fabric became sashing. I stitched a navy strip to balance the dark green strip. Next, I stitched the string blocks to the bottom the panel. I didn't have enough string blocks left for the top edge.

I cut the remaining string border into two pieces. The narrower strip allowed me to use most of the leftover pieces from the first strips. The remaining bits grew the string sections to become design elements!  I like the interest that the string border added to the top and to the lower edge of the panel. As far as leftovers from the starter pile, there weren't many!

I think that the purple areas will be the perfect place to play with some ruler designs. . .or I could repeat the subway tile pattern.

Currently, this top 34 inches wide by 60 inches long. I had planned to purchase enough flannel once the social distancing ended to make the top into a size that is 40 inches wide by 60 inches high. This morning, our guild held an by appointment only sale that included stashes from several quilters who have passed away. 

I thought that I might be able to find flannel that was more in the vintage of the scraps that I had pieced at the sale. I made an appointment for the beginning of the day. The sale was set up at a guild member's home. She had a covered porch that ran the length of her home. The "goods" were neatly arranged for viewing.

We wore masks and practiced social distancing. Prices were what you felt was owed and no charge if you were sewing for charity which was me. I didn't look closely at the fabrics. Instead, I picked up a few scraps, chunks and a little yardage of some pieces that I thought would work for the projects that I had stitched with Martha's flannel scraps. 

I haven't been out much since March and I will admit, I felt uncomfortable. Before Covid, I would have searched the box to pull all the like bits together. I would have visited with the people managing the sale as well as visited with the people shopping the sale.

Instead, I said hello and thanked the sale managers for the shopping opportunity. I picked out my items and left! I was at the sale less than 10 minutes.

Once I finish quilting Unity I will work on finishing this project and the other flannel project I posted about here

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