Sunday, June 14, 2020

Unity--Post 7

Carmel, peanut butter and chocolate chip birthday bars
Today, is my husband's birthday. He asked for a pizza for dinner. This morning, I baked a bar cookie that has caramels in the recipe. It is a new recipe; but, I figure it has to be good with caramels! Plus, the two of us would have a hard time eating a whole pie or a whole cake so that was another reason that I decided to make bar cookies!

I hope that when our daughter does a drive by visit later today, we will be able to share these with her and the family. For Miss J, I have either banana bread and/or Annie's Bunny crackers. (Miss J can't eat dairy.)

Handmade birthday card
I used my watercolors and made him a birthday card. I haven't been out to shop since we were advised to limit ourselves to essential trips. He ordered his gift online and received it. Still, I want to make the day special for him. He makes every day special for me!

 On the quilting front, I searched through my stash looking for fabrics that I could use on the back of my Unity project.

I had two pieces of a firework fabric that each measured one yard and 7/8. These came from my friend, Martha's stash. I decided that firework fabric would be a good start. She would be tickled to find her fabric in my project!
Selection of backing fabrics

I also had a striped fabric that could coordinate and I had a piece of blue batik that would contrast.
Years ago, I had purchased that striped fabric to make a ruffle or a back on a tree skirt. I decided it would make a great hanging sleeve. After I cut the fabric for the sleeve, there wasn't enough left for the center section so I added a chunk of a dark blue print. Of all the back fabrics, the dark blue was the only one that I used on the front of the quilt!

When I pulled fabrics for this project, I saved a dark blue navy batik fabric to use as binding. Once I finish piecing the top, I like to make the sleeve and binding. It often takes me months to quilt a project. Having the binding and sleeve set aside for when the time is right, helps me continue to the finish. I started this procedure after I stitched the binding into another project and had to come up with another option!
Backing ready for layering

It does take some time to piece a back together. I like the added visual interest a pieced back provides. In a couple of my projects, the back could have been a front! Additionally, it is another way to use stash!

Once the backing is finished, it is time to cut the batting and baste all the layers together. Since the table basting didn't work well for me last time, I decided to baste on the floor. I was prepared for this part of the project to take several days because it hurts too much to kneel on the floor.

I asked my husband to help. Although not really "into" the project, he closed all the pins. I am so thankful for his help. It would have taken me days to get this project basted on my own. As it was, it took about an hour and a half. This is one example of his selflessness and love. I am one fortunate wife!

Closing the pins
The following day, my body was rebellious. While my knees felt like I had huge bruises on them, it was my ribs the hurt the worst. After about three days, I did feel better. A massage also helped. Gosh. . .this maturing process is not for the faint of heart!

Regarding, Covid:
Worldwide: Cases 755M; Deaths: 423K
U.S.: Cases 212M; Recovered; 650K; Deaths 123K
Oregon: Cases 5,377; Recovered; 5,207 Deaths 177

Thursday, the governor pulled the last county in the state which was slated to open on Saturday from moving into phase one for another week. I feel for the restaurant owners who had ordered perishables as there was not much notice for the change. 

The Portland female police chief who had been in the position for six months, resigned. A black male police officer was sworn in the following day. The police budget is probably going to be cut 15 million dollars. Protesting and rioting continues. 

Last night at 6:30, a tornado swept through our town. Powerful winds snapped huge trees like matchsticks. One man who had purchased three cars the previous day to detail and resell, lost all three cars to trees falling on them. We had a hard rain. Our property had no damage. I didn't see the funnel cloud. I am thankful!


Deborah said...

Wow. So glad you are safe from the storm. We had storms here last night too but the worst of it (hail, strong winds, flooding, and tornadoes) was south of us. They are cleaning up today. I hope your husband has a happy birhtday! Our province is in Stage 2 now as of Friday although we are still not going out hardly at all. I have booked a haircut for this week so will see how that goes. said...

Deborah, It has been a crazy few days on top of a crazy few months! He had a good day. I bet you are looking forward to a haircut! I hope the experience is a good one. Thanks for dropping in and for commenting. It is always good to hear from you!

Janice Smith said...

Your “Unity” quilt looks wonderful! How lucky indeed you were to have such a fine helper as you pin basted it.
Belated Happy Birthday to your helper. :-() said...

Janice, I so agree with you about how lucky I am to have a helper to pin baste. (He had a great birthday!) Thanks for dropping by!