Sunday, June 7, 2020

Unity--Post 6

Centers of first step complete
One reason I took a break from this project was to finish the tree skirt for my niece. The other reason I took a break from this project was that I didn't have enough variety of the dark blue fabrics remaining to start the last step. I scrounged through a project box and found two fabrics that would work. I had enough fabrics to start the last step.

I like Bonnie's method for piecing the square in a square block. She recommends oversizing the center block a bit and she recommends straight grain on the quarter square triangles. It all worked well for me. I especially liked being able to
The first star finished and a lot of stars yet to be stitched
piece these oversize and then trim them to the size needed. The challenge I had was that I had to search for additional "center" fabric since I needed some chunks rather than using strips from my scrap saving system!

The lighter blue fabrics are also almost sewn into the top! The lighter blue in the upper left and lower right is the front and back of a batik. Being able to use both sides of the fabric gave me additional variety without involving additional yardage!

Definitely, I made a dent in my red strip bag, the neutral bag and blue fabrics in my stash with this project!

Finished top
I decided for this last step, I would go with a little more "control." I kitted the fabrics so I had little bundles to stitch. I worked on two blocks at a time and slowly, more stars emerged!

These blocks went together better and were more spot on to the size than the smaller stars. I believe my piecing skills are improving!!! It is too large for my design wall so I needed to take a photo of it on my floor! Today, my plan is to see what fabrics I can come up with to make a back.

Had I seen this project before I started, I would have skipped it because of all the pieces. I'm glad that I persevered and am at this point.

I have no idea how to quilt it. Some seams are pressed open so I'm unsure if quilting in the ditch will be appropriate in those areas. I do love how the top turned out! I am ecstatic that all the fabrics came from stash. I so appreciate Bonnie's approach to using up the "bits!"

Regarding the Covid virus, Worldwide 6.6M confirmed cases; 353K deaths---U.S. 193M confirmed cases; 458K recovered; 111K deaths--Oregon 4,570 confirmed cases; 2,152 recovered; 163 deaths.

Regarding the George Floyd protests in Portland, Oregon--While there have been peaceful protests in other areas of Oregon, the downtown protests have often turned violent with protestors throwing bottles, rocks, cans and metal objects at police. Police have been injured. The destruction of property continues.

Currently, more press is given to the protests than the virus. No mention is made of the social distancing protocols not being followed.


Janice Smith said...

Your quilt is beautiful. . . worth your time and all of those pieces!!! :-() said...

Thanks, Janice! I don't know how many pieces are in the top; but, it is a lot!