Sunday, February 4, 2018

ID Badge #3--Fifth Finish 1st Quarter FAL (Finish-A-Long) 2018

Parts for the 3rd ID Badge holder
I purchased the ID badge pattern from Craftsy. This time, I thought that I'd post a couple photos of the badge while in process.

Inside of bag

View of back pocket
Pressing and stitching on the black fabric was a challenge. My aging eyes were challenged finding the correct line to press. I must remember to use a navy or brown thread on black fabric because that makes pressing on a stitched line much easier! I sure did like this black fabric with the ginkgo print.  It is nice to have the fabric stitched in a wearable for me!

Finished ID Badge #3

I inserted my name into the vinyl section. I used 1/4 yard of fabric for this project bringing my total to 4 3/4 yards of fabric used from my stash. I'm slowly chipping away at that 50 yard goal! This was goal number 3 on my 1st Quarter FAL list. 
Fabrics for the inJeanious Up-cyling challenge

Making these three name tags wasn't that why did it take me six months to actually get it done??? Thanks FAL for helping me get it completed!

I also started a new project. The guild challenge this year is called inJEANious Up-cycling. The basic rules are to use recycled denim fabric only for the top and preferably blue denim. It has to be three layers, quilted and have a hanging sleeve. You can use buttons, beads, lace, thread, etc. as embellishments.

Last summer, I had ideas and even sketched a thumbnail design; but, that design wouldn't work because I had planned to use some corduroy fabric as part of the design! I wished we could have been given the rules for the challenge in June rather than September so I could have thought about designs using the parameters. It takes me months to come up with ideas!! Perhaps if I keep doodling with design, eventually, designing will come easier for me.

At Christmas time, I came up with an idea. I've been sketching. February 1 was the deadline to submit photo and entry form for the Clark County Quilters April Quilt show. This is the first time that I've submitted a photo of the fabrics with the words "Imagine a figure on a pieced background!" I sure hope I finish it in time to hang at the guild quilt show!!!!

I won't be able to share the project with you until after the April guild meeting because we are supposed to keep it under wraps. I'll be sure to keep notes to share with you later! By the way, if you are in the Vancouver area April 4-7, please come to the show. Click the link above for more information.


Nancy said...

I love that ginkgo fabric, too. Glad you'll be able to keep it close to your heart!

Luann Fischer said...

I too am crushing on that black ginkgo leaf printed fabric ! As for your inJeaneous Upcycle,,, don’t forget to look at the back of your denim pieces, that way your get more variations. Just a thought. AND, that quilt is going to be ‘heavy’ so I’d use a very thin batting, maybe even a piece of preshrunk flannel. said...

Nancy, I bought that ginkgo fabric because I liked it. . .then when I used it; I wished I had purchased more yards. Of course, when I went to buy more. . .it was sold out. . .You're right, it is nice to be able to wear it!!! said...

Luann, funny you should suggest using the back of the fabric. . .I did just that although, you wouldn't know it! I'm wondering if a wool batting scrap would work. I thought about the flannel and I also thought about a thin polyester batting. . .I've a little time before I HAVE to make that decision though!

JoJo said...

That is a very classy looking badge holder! I sure love mine and am excited to wear it soon. said...

JoJo, I look forward to seeing you and your badge holder next week. I'm glad you like it!