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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentines and a Tea

Tea time!
Last month, JoJo over at Through My Hands, had a birthday and we went to tea. Of course, I got to wear my red hat that Luann over at Let's Create Today, had sent me. My favorite part of the tea was the lemon curd. I think I'm going to have to make some!

It was a nice day. We even had sunshine which was a welcome departure from the snow and ice the previous week! We talked about our quilt projects so it was a terrific day!

Tuesday is Valentine's Day. This year, the grands and I made our cards. Miss J likes to thread the machine; but, the process doesn't move fast enough to keep her three year old mind engaged. She would rather be hopping and jumping!
Glue stick action.
Miss K is a serious designer. She selects her materials and quickly adheres the materials to her project. At 4 1/2, her glue stick work is better than mine!

I fused some fabrics to some Steam-A-Seam 2 that I have had for years. The fusible disintegrates over time. This has held up well probably because I've stored it in a sealed plastic bag.

Then when either Miss J or Miss K picked what they wanted, it was easy to press it with an iron and it was on the card stock.

The blanket stitch was a favorite.
We made a birthday card too! Once the pieces were fused or glued, then we stitched. We found that binding clips worked well to hold the edge in place. Miss K is still working on steering; but, she did enjoy picking out the thread, the stitch and then completing it!

Although, I learned that I needed to streamline the process because it took us a couple visits to make four cards and Valentines would have come and gone before we could have finished all the cards we wanted to make!

So, the next batch, we glued and talked about the stitching and then I did it!

I gave the designer credit.

Button eyes courtesy of J

This is a card J designed for her daddy.

Flower for Momma

K was particular about this card. I cut several hearts before she had the "right" one to go on the card for her momma!

It took a long time to select the buttons!
Buttons and sparkly trims were favorite materials.

I wouldn't have thought of using the leftovers from the circle; but, both girls used the leftovers. I like what they did with the parts. How would they know to request a stitched line around the outer edge of the card? It sure added a lot!

I chuckled over the lime green card in the foreground. This is one piece of purple cording and one piece of orange Razzle Dazzle thread. I wouldn't have thought of not being concerned if the thread ran out. I liked how they dealt with the purple end. . .they just added it to a previous section.

Three cards ready for "words."

The blue yarn received a lot of discussion
The grands also had a sleep over so we had some extra time to make cards. I plan to make a few cards to have on hand. This project was sure a fun and different way to use thread, fabrics and trims!

Candy containers
Speaking of hearts, I made a couple candy containers. JoJo sent me the link and they were quick. The grands are going to have a blast finding them!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May you have a sweet day!


  1. Replies
    1. Luann, we were looking the part for sure!

  2. How cute do you girls look in your hats. Also love the grands project. Gives me ideas for next year.

    Hugs, sharon

    1. Sharon, the grands had so much fun with the project. We sure didn't make much of a dent in the bits and pieces of trims that I saved though! Your grands would have fun with the project too.

  3. That hat looks great on you, Terry! I love all the cards, and the candy-holding hearts too. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Monica, I've had a bit of detour from quilting; but, it has all been fun!

  4. I like that you call them 'the grands' very hip of you... Think they'll enjoy the hearts - especially since they'll be filled with candy! Tea party looked pretty - hope you and Jo Jo had fun. x

    1. Nicole, the treasure map is in place. There are clues around the house. I wonder how long it will take them to find their treasure? It was fun to hang out with JoJo!

  5. that is such a fun picture about the 2 of you xxxx


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