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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Oban Distillery--Fish and Chips

It rains a lot in Scotland. The locals say if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change! The photos of the beautiful green hills in Scotland truly look just like the photos in magazine spreads. I always thought that they were photo shopped! We took the scenic route from Edinburgh so we could see a bit of the country.

This is a photo of the city of Stirling. We checked out the museum there which had an interesting exhibit of the natural history of the area.

We traveled inland far enough to wonder at the rolling hills and the sheep!

Across from the sheep was a pasture with highland cattle. What amazing hair coats they have!

Some of the roads we were traveled were narrow. Some of the bridges were wide enough for just one car!

I loved the idea of being able to stop because we saw something interesting.Notice, I wrote the idea? Our driver was determined to get us to the next location with time to spare!

We spotted this cross and building and said stop. . .too late to pull into the drive; but, there was a wide spot in the road so we were able to pull over, get out and walk back to take a few photos.

Workers were renovating the church. It was called St. Conan's Kirk. We didn't go into the building; but, instead walked up the hill to check out the celtic cross.

The cross was erected in 1900 in the memory of Caroline Agnes Campbell. Too bad we didn't learn the story of her and why 34 friends erected the cross. You'll have to scroll up to see the cross.

We also pulled off the roadway for a cup of coffee and happened on this river. We didn't gaze long as serious rain started to fall!

By the time we actually arrived in Oban, we were ready for lunch. We had read the fish and chips were good here so we stopped in a restaurant and had some. Wow! The fish was absolutely the best I have ever had! You'll have to scroll up to see our plates of fish and chips!

This is the back and front of a flyer of the location of the restaurant. If you go to Oban, drop in to eat some fish!!

Oban is built next to the sea. Here are a few photos that give you the idea of the area. That was a quaint looking hotel and the red building sure has an interesting shape!

Boats moored in the harbor.

Buildings around the shoreline.

Our main purpose in Oban, was to visit the distillery. I learned that Scotland exports 98% of the scotch made there. I also learned that the distillery came first and the town sprang up around it.

That building has been around since 1794 and it has produced liquor all this time!!

During our tour, we learned that you can eat ginger and drink scotch together. It is a delicious pairing!


  1. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing your photos!!

    1. Nancy, it's been fun reliving the trip through the blog!--Terry

  2. I love your pictures. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I love it when my friends share their travels. Cheers.BJ

    1. Betty Jo, we did have fun. It was great to be able to see the countryside. That made the experience even more precious!--Terry

  3. What an amazing adventure you must have had in Scotland. I am enjoying your blog posts about your travels.

    1. Thanks, Deborah for your kind comments! Yes, it was an adventure of a life time. . .but, I'd love to go back and explore some different places. . . .although, we might have to go to Oban for fish and chips! --Terry


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