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Sunday, August 14, 2016


After we left Oban, we continued to drive scenic routes. Have I written how beautiful Scotland is and how green the country side is? The views are truly breath taking. We stopped along the way at a grocery store and purchased some items for dinner as well as for breakfast as we opted only for the "bed" in the bed and breakfast where we were staying.

DD navigated us from a narrow paved road to a rutted sort of gravel road with the phrase, this must be it and I said out loud, I wouldn't think so! We drove probably five miles on this road and by golly, it was right. We arrived at our destination.

Our room was formally their daughter's bedroom. The room was huge. Outside the window we could see a stable and horses. Across the way, a huge pasture full of sheep. See the small photo on the lower left. The next morning, DH and DD were looking at the window and watched a man on a three wheeler ATV drive up to the sheep. Riding on the back of the ATV was a dog. The man walked around the pasture a bit, then signaled the dog.

That dog worked those sheep from one corner of the pasture to another and back again. The man whistled and pointed and that dog WORKED! They enjoyed the demonstration. Watching a dog herd sheep or cattle is quite the sight. Those dogs LOVE what they do. It was an amazing show and how wonderful to have seen it!

We left the bed and breakfast and drove a few miles to. . . .yes, the Dalwhinnie Distillery.  This is the place DD said was her favorite. . .Well, it became mine too!

Who knew scotch and chocolate were a wonderful pairing???
I can tell you first hand it is darn good!

You can spend a lot of money on scotch. . .we bought some. . .but, none of these!

After Dalwhinnie, we stopped in St. Andrews. DH is a golf fan. It was cool to walk about the area. We saw people playing golf. DH told us it was "only" about 175 pounds to play a round. DD did buy DH a hat so he had a souvenir!

Notice how close to the water this course is!

Again, the scenery is so beautiful. I was surprised to learn that golfing has happened here for more than 600 years.

This is the view right next to the course! I sure didn't realize how close the water was from seeing tournaments held here on television.

This is what town looks like. In many of the cities, bricks are used for housing; but, I just thought that all these turrets were unique.

From here it was back to Edinburgh for one more day of seeing Scotland!!!


  1. Oh wow...I couldn't read much past the scotch and chocolate! LOL What a fantastic trip!

    1. JoJo, I've always liked scotch. . .chocolate, not so much. When we were told we were going to taste them together, we just raised our eyebrows. BUT, when you are touring, you should try it and we are glad that we did!--Terry

  2. What a great trip! Thanks for taking us on the tour. Scotch and chocolate...hmmmm...sounds good. :D

  3. It sure is beautiful! We saw a demonstration of what the dogs can do when moving sheep when we were in New Zealand. It definitely is amazing!


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