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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Years ago, I read about Brighton in a book. . .I think it was the Shell Seekers. Then it was referenced in another book and from time to time, I would hear people talk about taking holiday in Brighton and spending time on the beach.

I've wanted to go. So DH and I boarded the train and headed there for a day trip. The train from London seems to leave for Brighton about every hour so there are lots of opportunities to go and lots of return opportunities too! Although, I would suggest not traveling during the heavy commute times as there are a lot of people who commute! It is about an hour to an hour and a half ride.

We arrived early and walked through town to the beach. Along the way, there are little eateries and shops. It didn't take long to arrive at the beach, it is downhill all the way!

One of the attractions is this place, the Royal Pavilion. It was transformed between 1815 and 1823 to be a sumptuous pleasure palace by the sea. It has an Indian theme on the outside and a Chinese theme on the inside! We didn't go inside; but, enjoyed walking around the outside!

We made it to the beach. Now, in Oregon, the beaches are sand. Imagine my surprise to see these rocks!!!

As we were watching the activity in the water, I saw a lifeguard boat approach the beach. I saw a lifeguard run down the beach. I sure thought that I was going to see a shift change or perhaps, there was a rescue about to begin.  Imagine my surprise when the land lifeguard sat down and removed his shoes, then waded out into the surf a bit. The boat came in close and the land lifeguard tossed a package into the boat. The boat retreated; the lifeguard put his shoes back on and the show was over!
I wouldn't think it would be comfortable to lounge on the rocks; but people were. It was cool and windy, yet there were people swimming!

I understand that there is sand below the rocks and swimmers time their swims to take advantage of the sand at low tide.

Upon arriving at the beach, DH immediately sat down, removed his shoe and took a photo of his foot. This is something DD does. I had to snap him in action.

I was surprised to see that the beach area was much like a boardwalk complete with an arcade and carousel! That is the Palace Pier in the background.

Down at the west end of the beach we saw this metal structure and thought about all the things it could be. . .a mooring for boats, a structure for Christmas lights. . .then a local told us it was the burned out West Pier!

The West Pier was built in 1866 and plans to renovate it were in place; but, it burned in 2003. It was an interesting story.

We enjoyed a fish and chips lunch and then we headed back to London. It was a great day to celebrate the end of such a fabulous trip!!!


  1. the rocks are called shingle and are fairly common here especially on the South coast x We are close to North Wales which has lovely sandy beaches xx

    1. Diane, I had no idea about shingle beaches! How interesting! I will have to make a point to visit other parts of the UK to check out the beaches. The rocks/pebbles/shingle is so smooth. It was quite an experience! --Terry

  2. I was in Brighton in the 80s right after a hurricane. The Royal Pavillion had just been renovated, and the hurricane wrecked it again. I remember a photo of one of those onion domes from the minarets right smack in the middle of their huge new custom made carpet. Very sad! But, I enjoyed the trip too. :D

    1. Monica, The Royal Pavilion would have been great to visit the inside . . .if, ahem, I was traveling with someone game to see the inside of buildings for just because!! Why do "boys" need a purpose to go into a building anyway?!! :)I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!--Terry


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