Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Winner and Finish #1 for FAL

The winner of my little "pocket" bag is Gail.  Gail commented "I'm in, Terry. I will try to remember. Congratulations--I am looking forward to more good ideas--Gail"

Gail--I'll get your pocket bag to you.
Thanks for entering!

This is my first third quarter finish for the FAL 2016! You can read my list here.

It is a baby bib that I picked up at a sale for fifty percent off twenty five cents! I used some bias tape that was in my grandmother's stash to bind the edges. The package was marked on sale for seventeen cents! So for under thirty cents, I have a nice little item to give away for a baby shower. It didn't take me long to stitch this; but, it has been looking at me for over five months! I wonder how long it was looking at the person before?

I worked on the bib while I was working on my embroidery project. Yep, I'm using fabric that has been in my stash about a year. This was my sample. Because I'm making one for each retreat member, I've a production line going. I'll share what this is in a later post!

I also worked on a pieced back with others for the raffle quilt for the "Airing of the Quilts" show in Milwaukie next year. For the last several years, I've been the leader to stitch a pieced back from the left over fabrics to compliment the quilt that the group made to raffle. This is the front and back of the quilt for this year. That focal fabric is what it the fabric looked like before it was fussy cut for the feathered star and also for some of the LeMoyne stars.

Speaking of backs, this is the back that I pieced for the hexagon quilt. I made a goal for myself that I would sew 50 yards of fabric from my stash at the beginning of the year. I've been stitching from my stash; but, I haven't finished much to make it count.  Yet, the year is half over! I must get to FINISHING!!! There is about three yards of fabric in this back that came from my stash. I can count it because the whole quilt is finished!

You can see the finished quilt here.


Unknown said...

You are getting so much done! I love that raffle quilt!! said...

Nancy, this year, I didn't sew on the front of the raffle quilt as I was recuperating from knee surgeries. It was nice to be able to contribute to the project with making the back! The more pieced backs I do, the easier it is. Pieced backs a great way to use some or all of the left over project fabrics!--Terry

Leanne said...

Lovely work! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts. said...

Leanne, I'm so honored that you not only check the post; but, take the time to leave a sweet reply!--Terry