Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Rogue--Gertie's Plan/Hearts for Valentines Day

Pieced back for 2021 Temperature quilt
Monday, I started the morning piecing a back for my 2021 Temperature Quilt top. A friend gifted me the big print fish fabric at least four years ago. It was time to move it out of stash! I didn't quite have enough so I added a chunk of purple. 

Fabric selection 
Interestingly, the closer I came to completing the back, the more Gertie enticed me to start a new project. She can be so persuasive! 

I heard her say, "It's small." "It won't take long." "You can use scraps. That red/pink drawer is too full anyway!" "It will be a fun." "Come on, your other projects can wait for a day."  "There's a holiday coming up. Why not surprise some people with a gift?" "Think Sally and Happy Mail."

Most of the finished bookmarks
That Gertie!!! She has a come back for every "no" that leaves my lips!

One bookmark in service
I knew the project that Gertie wanted to start. At the end of January, CraftyStaci, posted a tutorial on how to make a heart bookmark. I'll admit that I could envision making a few. I didn't make it a goal because I need to stay on course to make progress on the projects on my list like the heart table runner for example. 

So much, however, for my will power. I need to tap into Gertie's will power because she convinced me to open my pink/red scrap drawer to select fabric. I spent some time cutting hearts. To make a bookmark, I needed to cut four hearts. I cut 48 hearts which was enough to make a dozen bookmarks! 

Turning the heart right side out is the most "fiddly" part of the process. Staci's tip was to use a jeans needle to sew through all of the layers. I found that the combination of my featherweight and a size 70 microtex needle handled the layers fine. 

It did take me a day to sew the dozen hearts. They will be in the mail tomorrow to brighten someone's day! I used half a yard of fabric. This brings my total of stash used to 14 yards this year. 


Darlene S said...

Oh Gertie is really a big tease! But what a fun stash buster and great gift idea too! Probably the best bookmark I've ever seen. I'll confess Sally tempted me in starting a "little" project which she said would only take us a day. It is now the 9th and I don't think I'll be finished until after the 14th. Thus, my OMG for February is probably dead before the starting gate was opened.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Such a sweet project and gifts.These are very tempting to try myself. Have a wonderful evening.