Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Workout Top for a Grand--Fifth Finish for 2nd Quarter FAL 2019

Tracing the pattern pieces
I decided that I would take a break from all the pebbles that I was quilting on the star patch project and stitch a workout top for a grand. I sat down at the machine to begin; but, those darned pebbles called to me so I put this project aside until I completed the pebbles on the Star Patch project!

Originally, my plan was to cut out shorts from the shiny green fabric. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough fabric for a pair of shorts; however, there was enough fabric to cut out a workout top!
Top layout; ready for cutting 

First, I needed to trace the pieces. When there are small pattern pieces, I often use wax paper as my "pattern paper." It is cheap and usually available from the kitchen! Once I had traced the pieces and cut them out of the wax paper, I placed the pieces on the green fabric. I cut out the pieces and was ready to sew.
First finished top

Bernie, my first Bernina, and I stitched the top pieces together. I liked that the pattern directions include topstitching the seams. This was a great way to add a decorative touch as well as strengthen the initial seam.

 I needed to try the top on Miss J to see if the straps were the correct length. The strap length was fine.  It wasn't long until I had applied the elastic and it was finished. Of course, Miss J had to wear it. She loved it!!!!!!

There was enough fabric left to cut a second top so I did. I stitched it too! After all,  Miss K would like one too!
Second finished top

I used about a 1/4 of a yard of fabric which brings my total to 50 yards used out of my goal of using 57 1/2 yards from my stash this year. I've 7 1/2 yards left to stitch!! This is finish number five for the 2nd quarter of the FAL 2019. It was goal number 14 on my FAL list.

There were a few smaller pieces of the fabric left. I'm considering saving these in case those scraps can be used in a future collage project. . . I am crazy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone told you lately just how adorable those grankids are!! And, just what kids that age would not want a "workout top"--shiny and lime green no less!! Gail G said...

Grandkids are the best. . .no doubt about that!!!! I saw that fabric and thought workout attire! We all need a little shiny and lime green in our lives!