Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Mailbox

Found mailbox. . .now to find out what is inside
My friend Martha gave me a little mailbox several years ago. It needed a flag which my husband fashioned. When it is a grand day, I write a letter outlining the agenda for the day. I slip the letter and a small treat into the mailbox. I hide the mailbox for the grands to find.

Playing with the yoga cards
Sometimes they easily find the mailbox and sometimes it takes a while. If I forget to hide the mailbox, there are sad faces. In the letter, I include what we are cooking for breakfast and lunch. If it is a Monday, cleaning toilets and dusting is on the list. Sometimes, we organize a drawer or wrap a present. We often read a book, draw or play a game that their Auntie has sent them. We do a sewing related activity as often as I can work it into the day. We cook a recipe that is familiar and the next time, we cook a new recipe. I've found that recipes that require a lot of taste testing go over the best. We take walks and play outside when the weather permits. We also make a plan for the next time we are together.

Melting Marshmallows for Grinch cookies
With the youngest grand headed to kindergarten next fall, our Mondays and Wednesdays days will end at the end of June. I'm sad about that fact as I have had fun on our play days. If they have a no school day,  however, they might be inclined to spend it at Papa's and Gran's.

Next fall, I will plan for regular "sleep overs" so we can still have play time together. I hope that no matter what their age, they will still want to "find" the mailbox! This week, when I asked Miss J as her tummy was rumbling, what would she choose if there was only tuna fish sandwiches or pineapple to eat? (She doesn't like either of those options.) Without taking a moment to consider, she responded, "I'd go to the store and buy bacon and toast!" I LOVE how she thinks!

At any rate, I decided this was a good place to share anecdotes and some photos of times they have spent with us. We've made many happy memories together. This is a good spot to preserve those memories!

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