Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Projects--4th Quarter Finish-A-Long 2018

#1. Add the fun quilting to this mystery BOM
I made terrific progress last quarter as I finished 12 of the 24 projects on my list! This quarter, I'm carrying over the other 12 projects and I'm adding more! My goal at the end of this quarter is to start with a dozen of "new" finishes for the new year!

It seems to be a good balance for me to intersperse big projects with smaller ones. I also seem to make better progress when I make weekly or monthly goals on projects that have been in the queue for a long time.

#1. Finish the quilting of this mystery BOM that I started in 2015. Last quarter, I completed the ditch quilting. I pulled some variegated threads from my stash and am doodling some motifs that I might want to use. Sometimes, inspiration is a long time in coming to me!!

#2. Complete trio of sisters
#2. Finish the trio of sisters that I started last quarter. This is a book club quilt. It is the first time that I've drawn a figure and then painted the details on cloth. I had great help from my almost five year old grand to draw the faces.

#3. Finish the machine applique of a piece began in a Karen Kay Buckley class last May.
#3. Finish the machine applique for this piece first
#4. Stitch a skirt with this fabric

#4. Stitch this gingham fabric into a skirt for one of the grands. It's been on the list for over a year.
#5. Stitch this hot pad
#6. Get this project out of the fabric phase

#5. Get this project from the fabric stage to the finished stage. It's been on the list for over two years.

#6. Make some progress on this project. It's been in the fabric stage for over two years. 
#7. A potential hat or purse?

#7. I made a skirt out of this fabric for one grand. Last quarter, I made a vest. I still have leftovers. So. . .it may become a hat or a purse for the youngest grand.

#8. Make two kitchen towels
#9. Stitch a second selvage tote
#10. Chicken placemat kit
#8.  Stitch the leftover bits from a previous kitchen towel goal into two more towels.

#9. In the first quarter, I made a tote with these fabrics and selvages. I had planned to add a pocket to the back of the tote; but, didn't because I would have sewn over my inside pockets. I'd like to make another tote and put that pocket to good use! I'm not sure that I have enough of the rust. . . .but, I guess that is part of the journey to choose a fabric that will mix or another one all together!! Perhaps, I can use the lining fabric from the last tote to make the pockets. I will need to select a coordinating fabric for the lining.

#10. For Christmas, I received this placemat kit. The chicken pattern is cute. It is time to stitch it up!!
#11. Play with this mosaic design

#11.  Play with a mosaic design that Cheryl Lynch shared on an episode of The Quilt Show. (Note: You do have to be a member of the online group to access her episode. So far, I have found the annual fee worth paying. I've been a member since the show began.)

#12. Add some embroidery to the color block squiggle and get that piece finished!
#12. Add some embroidery to this project

#13. Appliqué, quilt and bead
#13. Finish the appliqué, quilt and bead this piece. It was on the list last quarter.

#14. Stitch another Stash and Go bag
#15. Paper pieced greeting card
#14. Make another stash and go bag. I'm determined to develop better skills with the binding! The fabric was leftover from cutting out a halter dress last quarter.
#16. Raw edge applique

#15. Make a paper pieced tree that becomes a greeting card. This was in a box of supplies of my friend Martha. She will be smiling when I work on it!

#16. Continue progress on the piece began in September in a Susan Carlson class.

#17. Work with Miss J to finish embroidering her artwork. Miss J will determine what it will be. . .!!

#18. Stitch four pairs of sandals from Martha's supplies.

#19. Stitch a bag with the black mesh and webbing that I bought last fall at a quilt/craft show.

#17. Miss J's embroidery project
#18. Sandals waiting to be stitched
#19. Grocery tote bag
#20. Skirt for Miss K to sew
#21. Make a pop up
#20. Stitch a skirt with Miss K. This looks like a fun project and the supplies were given to me.

#21. Make a pop up container. I bought several of these at a show some time ago. It would make a nice gift.

#22. Make these four stockings. They were in a bag of scraps from Martha's treasurers.

#23. Make a quilt for the book, "The Snow Child." I'm part way through the book so I'm just forming an idea. Maybe I'll do some more drawing and painting. I'm thinking red mittens and a blue coat.  Perhaps, Miss J will help me refine my drawing!

#24. Make four potholders from this pattern. It was a Martha project.
#22. Stockings--4 pair

#23. Make a quilt with this
book as the inspiration
#24. Potholders--4
It's a big list. . .again! I believe that there is a enough variety to keep me busy if I'm stumped on another project. I do plan to make some monthly goals because taking a big list and subdividing it into smaller sections will help me progress.


DawnyK said...

Lovely list. Looking forward to seeing your finishes!!! said...

Thanks, DawnyK for stopping in! I look forward to seeing your finishes too!

Lynette said...

Oh, wow! Your mystery BOM and the bicycle are both really fabulous. Lots of fun projects here to choose from as your mood shifts - going to bring some great finishes. said...

Thanks, Lynette, for stopping by. You are exactly right. . .I have a variety of projects for exactly that reason. . .besides, I am still easily distracted and start more projects!!! I'm having fun and that is what is most important! :)