Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Passion Unfolded--Joanne Adams Roth Quilts

One quilt in her power line series
On Sunday, a friend and I went to the Clark County Quilters Featured artist's show. The title of the show was "Passion Unfolded: The Quilts of Joanne Adams Roth." This was the first year that I didn't volunteer to help with some part of the show. I was scheduled to work; but, one of the days was canceled so that was why I got to see the show.

Examples of her early work
"Daffodil Dreams"
What an amazing show it was. Joanne shared quilts that were hand pieced, hand quilted and hand beaded. Yes, she had machine quilted some quilts and had some quilts quilted by check book! She shared quilts that contained examples of techniques that she not only learned herself but taught others as well. I've known Joanne for a number of years. We were in the same small group for awhile so I saw many of the quilts in process that were in the show! I had many favorites and it was so fun to see them again!
I snapped a photo of one of her quilts in her power line series because I liked how she had shaded the fabrics that she had pieced. It was so striking. . . probably because she used red! Red is my favorite color with turquoise and purple not far behind so I wanted to share that piece in this post!

Capturing the art for a "rainy day!"
Of course, there were examples of her more traditional quilts. Although, even in the traditional quilts, Joanne used a different setting or an unexpected color to make the quilt her own creation. I appreciated leafing through her project notebooks. She had saved patterns/in process photos or her quilts. She even had her projects numbered!!!!

I am SO not that organized! She also had her blog posts printed in a book for that year. She does a great job of documenting her work!

On many of the quilt stories was written "In the collection of" and the person's name. Joanne has stitched many graduation quilts, gifted
many quilts and even sold some quilts.

My friend and I oohed over the "Daffodil Dreams" quilt. Joanne had designed the 58 center feather wreaths which enclosed a daffodil. Joanne machine quilted the piece and dabbled with trapunto. The variety of fabrics used is large with few repeats.
A modern take on a pickle dish pattern--"Chic Kisses"

"Moon Gazing"
It was fun to see "Moon Gazing" again. This was her entry in the guild's theme category at the show last spring. That bit of blue is tiny lights and I love that a mouse was gazing too!

Of course, one of the nicest compliments a quilter can receive is for someone to want to photograph their work. Or, perhaps, a quilt calls the viewer from across the room and soon, the viewer is nose close to the quilt seeing a different view all together from that angle! It is also wonderful to watch the viewer grab a friend and share their excitement of their "view!" Sometimes, the viewer snaps a photo. At this show, it is okay to take photos!!!

I saw people reading the story of each quilt, I heard the questions--"how did she do that?"  and "check out the fabric on the back!" I also heard a lot of "WOW" comments as quilts were viewed. People marveled at how Joanne accomplished each finish. I heard comments like, "this makes me want to go home and sew" and "well, I'm inspired!"

She also shared a number of her nest quilts and her latest series on shadow selfies. It was a terrific show of 114 pieces of her work!


She Quilts It said...

Terry, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for the write up on the show. Sorry that I missed seeing you. said...

Joanne, I felt so fortunate to get to see your show. I have so many more favorites now! I loved all the variety!

DTatro said...

Loved reading this blog, Terry! Hope you are well, dear friend. said...

Good to hear from you, Diana!! Come visit here any time and thank you for your kind comment!