Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Crayon Doodle post 1

Miss J's doodle filled in with coloring
This quarter, our book club read "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie," by Alan Bradley. In January, I purchased a couple fat quarters that spoke to me for making a project which was inspired by this book. At that point, I was a few chapters into the book.

By the time that I finished the book, I wanted to focus on another element. The character rides a bike as she solves a mystery. She rides that bike, which she has named, "Gladys," all over the countryside. It made me think of a cartoon where the cartoonist has shown the path a kid has traveled to bring his mother something she requested or the path that he traveled to come home. . .in both cases, the path was far from direct!

Our youngest grand had made a drawing for me months ago. It was simple lines. I decided that I wanted to preserve her work in my art. So I asked permission--it is important to ask the artist for permission to use their original work! She said yes!
Drawing with marker applied over crayon

Doodle outlined with black marker
In February, I took it off the refrigerator and we colored it. Then, I had the idea that I would transfer the design to a piece of fabric.  The transfer didn't work well because we hadn't colored with Crayola brand crayons. So, we filled in the spaces with Crayola brand crayons and ironed it again. The color choices and most of the color placement are all Miss J.  I liked it better; but, it wasn't vibrant enough. I had some fabric markers so I colored over the crayons.

The drawing at this point reminded me of looking down at the countryside while flying over it. I liked the drawing better with the marker applied. I think it needs a little machine embroidery and of course, machine quilting! I'll let it set and talk to me for a bit. It will be interesting to see what results from our conversations!


Unknown said...

What a cute project!

Luann Fischer said...

I think respecting the artist’s decision is always important. AND you have taught her a lesson aboout respecting others. Way to go, Gramma!! said...

Thanks, Nancy! It has been fun to input her ideas into the project and of course, it has been an honor to use her work as a starting point for my work! said...

Luann, this project is all about the artist. She is such a hoot as a playmate. I'm such a fortunate Gramma!!!!