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Monday, April 24, 2017

President's Blocks in Their Quilts

Tea Cup block
At the end of each guild president's term, the members are invited to make a block. The information is sent as a Sh . . shhh. . .It's a Secret for the President!

I started making the "block" in 2008. The "directions" that year were to make a block that was tea related. I made this tea cup.

This is the quilt. There were 75 blocks so the quilt is huge! The maker didn't finish her quilt until this past year so that it could hang at the featured artist show which was held last October.

Tea quilt

Literal representation
In 2010, we were supposed to make a block that represented us. I took it literally! (I thread painted myself.)

This was her quilt.
The quilt with blocks representing the makers

Tree block
In 2015, we were to make something that we would see if we were out on a walk. Also, we were to add the color green to the block. I made a tree.

The quilt made with blocks inspired by an outdoor walk!
Blocks inspired by the outdoors

Sailboat block
In 2016, I made a sailboat. You could have stitched a floral block or one that had to do with water.

The blocks made into the quilt:
Blocks inspired by flora and fauna of the water and outdoors

The directions this year are to make a heart, a cat, or a chicken; to use scraps or batiks and to make it any size up to 10 1/2" finished.This year, I made a heart.  It will be fun to see what her quilt looks like.

If this looks familiar, I made this pattern for my Totally Hexed quilt that I shared information about in this post.

When the quilt is displayed, I've enjoyed finding my "block" and then seeing what others did. It is fun to see the settings and the quilting!

Had I really been thinking ahead, when the Presidents' quilts were displayed last October, I would have taken photos of all the quilts so you could have seen the variety and I could have photos of the blocks that I have made over the years. . .oh well. . .perhaps, there will be another time!


  1. These quilts with all the different individual blocks are so fun, and so meaningful too. What a great tradition!

    1. Monica, It is a great tradition. I've missed one year since 2008 in making a block. It is funny, as President, I knew I would be getting blocks; but, I totally forgot about it until they were "presented" to me! I appreciated all the blocks that I received as well as the makers!

  2. It's very cool that you guys make the blocks so personal. Beautiful quilts!!

    1. Nancy, Each of us has chuckled about the "surprise" we had when we received them too! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Janice, it is a nice way to have a memento of the year.


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