Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More President's Blocks

I've continued my slow pace quilting president's blocks. The featured artist show is now about seven weeks away and I'm still working on this project! I'm so feeling deadline pressure. The possibility this quilt will be hung as a Work In Progress (WIP) is real!

Sandal by Bertie
Bertie stitched this sandal for me. The first time I went to Hawaii was in 1979. My mom, future MIL and SIL also went.  My first purchase was a pair of sandals! This block sure reminded me of those sandals! I quilted bananas in the background because I had no idea my favorite tasting banana would be a small variety found in Hawaii!

I like how she used a button and black embroidery floss to make this block sing! She also used Asian prints and when I was president she and her sisters organized a super fun retreat that was themed Asian Elegance. Thanks, Bertie!

I still have a little project to make with some 2 1/2" squares that came from the retreat. . .I will get to it once I finish some other projects first!!

Heart by Anne

Anne was a co-chair of the outreach committee with Rosanne. Those two ladies were so organized. The summer before their term began, they consulted with the charity/comfort quilt committee and selected, cut and kitted their projects for the year! I enjoyed attending one of their monthly events and wished I could have attended more of them because it was totally fun.

They each made me the same block and I plan to quilt Rosanne's block just like Anne's. Vertically, in between the polka dots, I quilted two straight lines about a 1/4" apart. You can't see it in this photo, but it is there!

Juggler by Virginia

Virginia's block just made me smile! In our life, it seems we are always juggling something!! When I saw all those "balls" it reminded me of activities I use to do and of activities I want to do so I decided to add more balls. Most of the balls are the same size; but, sometimes ideas start out smaller so there are a few different sizes.

Virginia paints, dyes fabrics and probably hasn't met a technique she hasn't tried! Thanks Virginia for sharing your creativity with me!

Can you guess what I used to make the circles? This is what I used, a spaghetti measure. I think this came in the mail as a promotion to buy a cookbook. It is interesting of all the non quilting items that add value to your quilting tool box!

Modern Cross by Sandie

Sandie is another quilter who paints and she paints the most wonderful florals. Her depth of shading really draws the viewer's eye into her work. She is loves having fun and celebrating life. Sadly for me, she and her new husband are moving to a warmer climate; but I am happy for all the new joys she is going to experience. She will be a friend forever!
I quilted a variety of backgrounds behind the block and quilted a little on the block as well. To divide the background, I used the seam lines on the cross.

In the Swim Cross by Kathy
Kathy is an artist with fiber. She uses paint and uncommon materials, wood, copper, wire and more, when she creates her projects. For one DD, this was her favorite block. She liked how Kathy created the waves with fabric. Me too!

I quilted just inside the stitching line on the waves and filled in the background with a simple horizontal line here and there.

"Jantzen" logo like diver by Sandi

Where Sandi found the fabric to broderie perse appliqué this diver, I don't know! I also like how she used that rescue buoy fabric to create interest. I quilted the same horizontal water stipple that I did in Lynn C's block. In this example, you hardly see the silk thread.

I've still more blocks to go. I've been treating each block as a mini quilt and that has made the process fun! I'm thinking that I should name this quilt "42 Minis!"


JoJo said...

I want you to do a Vulcan mind meld so I can machine quilt as well as you!

Unknown said...

I love how you're quilting each block individually! It really adds to the personality of the quilt. It seems like you are getting these done really quickly, but I know you have a lot of blocks in this quilt. I hope you're able to get them done in time for the show because everyone will be thrilled to see what all you did. But they'll enjoy what you've done either way.

Nicole Knott said...

I like the flip flop texture quilting and the florals variety in the quilting. Keep practicing because I'm cold. said...

JoJo, happy to oblige! :) awe, blush, thank you for your kind comment about my machine quilting! said...

Nancy, the quilt really has "spoken" to me. It has been a long process. Some blocks needed more conversation with me than others; but, as I approach the end of quilting them, each one has sung happily after I've finished which is a great sign!--Terry said...

Nicole, good to know your texture likes. You never know when you might see that type of quilting in a project for you. Although, lots of quilting doesn't make for a warm quilt!--Mom

Monica said...

Well, I think you're making great progress, Terry. How many are done/ how many are left now?

It is worth it to keep giving each block it's own look, so don't rush, either. It's going to be great! said...

Monica, I have four left of the 42 to quilt and then it is on to the 97 pieced sashings. I appreciate you writing me not to rush although, I'm feeling the pressure of the 10/21 show date!!--Terry