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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Half Dozen More President's Blocks

Progress hasn't stalled with those president's blocks. I've a few more finished to share with you!
Val's block--where's the orange?
Val was guild president twice and she has served on the board in a variety of positions. I was honored that she would be secretary while I was president. Her quilting is beautiful. She tucks in little flowers and shapes as she 'feels" like it in her backgrounds. With her block, I wanted to honor her style so I quilted all sorts of fun stuff in the background of her block. I was surprised that there wasn't an orange swim suit since Val believes good quilts have orange in them!

Karan's block--wish you could see the lenses!
This is Karan's block. She was the president just before me and was always available to offer support whenever I asked. She quilts a lot with earth tone fabrics so to receive this block made me smile as she was working in my palette! She quilts items often with lots of lines so I did the same. Karan was the treasurer while I was president. I think the treasurer position is one of the most challenging positions in the guild!

Shirley's bathing beauties block!
Shirley likes to design quilts and she does beautiful appliqué. The background fabric she used in this block was from the back that I donated from the first Airing of the Quilts raffle quilt that I worked on. Her use of a novelty print is unique. I wouldn't have thought of chopping it this way! I quilted around the figures which gives them dimension and went with vertical lines in the background.

It reminds me of my days of swimming lessons. Walking out to the pool, you entered through a wooden gate. Through the slats, you could see people hanging about the water.

Linda's duel cross block with a chain!
Linda is also a past president. She continues to be an integral part of the hanging committee for the quilt show.  She teaches beginning quilting classes and can finish more tops at a three day retreat than I would have ever thought possible! She has made a number of BQ (Big Quilt) patterns over the years.

So I tried to treat this block like she might have quilted it. I kept the background in vertical or horizontal lines; used continuous curves in the white squares if they weren't part of the secondary cross unit and quilted an X in the red squares. The two outer white squares, I quilted with a continuous curve and an X.

The red crosses utilize horizontal lines in the horizontal bar and a flying geese shape in the vertical bar. There were a ton of stops and starts with this quilting pattern; but, I like how it turned out!

Signe's lifeguard chair at the beach block!
Signe's use of dimensional appliqué for the waves added an extra pop to this block. The polka dots for the sky made me think of rain falling, so I quilted diagonal lines there.

When I was a kid, my grandparents often would take the grandkids to the beach. I remember playing in the sand making all sorts of sand castles. I quilted arcs in the sand area to represent the sand dunes that are along the Oregon coastline. Her use of the buoy fabric for a ring buoy is darn cute!

I like the fabrics she used in her lifeguard chair! Although, in my guarding career, I didn't like sitting in the chair as I felt if I had to make a rescue, I'd hurt myself getting down!

Roberta's sand castle block!
This is Roberta's sweet block. She makes many, many, Project Linus quilts so seeing her use of this novelty fabric made me smile! Besides, there I am in my childhood building those sand castles!

I stitched a cross hatch in the background. I stitched around the center motifs and added some quilting so the hearts.

This makes 33 of the 42 blocks completed! By my next update on this project, I'm planning to share the quilting on the final nine blocks. Guess, I'd better stop writing and get quilting!!!


  1. You sure are making good progress on the quilting!! I had to laugh when you talked about the orange swimsuit because you had me really confused -- the swimsuit looked orange on my monitor! I finally figured out that it must be yellow in real life...

    1. Yes, Nancy, the photo light made the swimsuit look orange; but, it is really yellow. I probably should have explained that a bit better; but, sometimes, I just have to snap the photo and go with it!--Terry

  2. You're getting there! I like how you are quilting in each person's style on their block. What a treasure this quilt is.
    Karen kfstitcher

    1. Karen, I'm nearing the end! Yes, it was a fun challenge to see if I could do something that I would think each maker of the block might have done! Thank you for your comment!--Terry

  3. I have always been amazed at your memory. I remember when we all introduced ourselves at your first board meeting and you remembered everything we said all year. This quilt is going to be stunning! It already is!

    1. Joanne, When I first started teaching swim lessons, my supervisor was adamant that we know our students' name by the end of the first week which was two lessons. To test us, at the third lesson, she'd take our roster and check the names as we told them to her. She always picked the class I had the most students--about 20! II learned how to remember names and over the years, it is a skill that has served me well. Besides, how could I forget you with the lime green toe and finger nails who said that anything lime green was your favorite! Thank you, Terry

  4. You have given such meaning to your quilt by telling us all the stories behind each block. What fun to read each time you post! Gail

    1. Gail, each quilt takes us on a special journey, doesn't it? This journey has been quite the ride! Thank you for your comment! I hope what I write is interesting and I appreciate comments letting me know that I'm on the right track!--Terry

  5. I like those wavy lines behind the glasses -- looks like a white, sandy beach! They're all looking great. Almost there!

    1. Monica, I am almost there and it feels so darn good!!! Of course, next up to quilt are those pieced sashings. . .at least those will all be the same! Thank you for the beach comment!--Terry


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