Friday, January 29, 2016

River Progress

I sure did have fun adding a dab of glue to each little scrap that I used for the water. It was like creating a collage! I used smaller fabric pieces for the water at the horizon line and larger pieces in the foreground. The white fabric represents faster moving water.

Once I covered the stabilizer with the little snippets, I planned to cover it with tulle and then stitch through all the layers to anchor those pieces. 

I tried blue, grey, white tulle. 

 This is the grey. The white is in the middle of the photo above.

This is the blue. I just "knew" the blue was going to be "IT!" Unfortunately, I felt that the tulle mushed the fabrics and I lost the depth of the water. I decided tulle would be for another project!

So, how would I hold the pieces in place? I decided I would free motion around the fabric edges.

It was a little tricky to complete this task! In the end it was worth the work. I like the depth the small pieces provide. I used mono filament thread by YLI to complete this task.  

I like the texture that is created when the pieces aren't covered with the tulle. Maybe next week, I'll figure out how the water is going to fit into the quilt!

Isn't it interesting that I thought I was going to make a water fall and it turns out I use that thought to make a river instead? My quilting journeys are generally full of lots of "off road" opportunities! :)

On another note, I did finish the January step to the online mystery that I'm participating in. These were the fabrics I used to stitch 24 log cabin blocks.

This is what two of the 12 pairs look like. I got a late start on this project. (I didn't start in September; I started after Christmas!) I joked that with the online group that I was in the neighborhood at the beginning of January because I was working on the clue for that month. Well, I'm next door now! I blogged about it here. Being caught up feels great!


Anonymous said...

This is really exciting Terry. Looking forward to seeing how your river develops said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Thanks, Wendy! At this point, I'm not sure myself how that river is going to develop; but, develop it will!--Terry

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought the tulle would magically "make" fabric into water. Who knew?

And, I love your color choices for the log cabins. Can't wait to see both finished projects. No pressure here (tee, hee).

Gail G said...

Gail, aren't we all looking for that magical something??? Too bad there isn't a magical button to push like the Staples easy button! :)--Terry

Monica said...

Free motion around the edges? Gasp! But, it worked great! And now you have more interesting texture, too. Where will your off road adventure go next? said...

Monica, I have no idea what off road adventure might snag me next! Truly, the FM around the edges was doable. . .just time consuming!!! Thanks for your comment!--Terry