Sunday, January 17, 2016

Block of the Month updates

This year, I'm working on three Block of the Month (BOM) projects; I have three BOM to finish and one from last year I chose fabric; but never started!

First, the mystery hexagon BOM update:
These are the blocks for 
Spiders! I think the legs are especially cool. 

The legs are stitched with a coral stitch. Mary Corbet from Needle and Thread has a how to tutorial here. By the way, she has a wonderful blog!

A pumpkin!

and December: 
A Christmas Tree! I have the embroidery left to do for hangers and to place a star on the top--well, actually, it is a diamond! But, I'm making progress!

Next step is to set this row and add to the 
existing top that I blogged about here. I had thought that I would be able to quilt this in time for our guild's quilt show; but, I'm not sure about that now! I may feel differently once it is basted.

Second, is my Cheryl Walker chickens project. I have stitched the blocks together and now need to get back to the applique. This one has been hanging around for many years!

Third, is the guild's mystery BOM. I chose these fabrics. The first month, we did cutting and sewed stratas together. The second month, we made a bunch of flying geese. This month, we cut the strata into segments and made six nine patch blocks. I'm on pace with this BOM!

Fourth, is the online mystery BOM. This started in September and I stalled on fabric choice. After Christmas, I started with these fabrics. I was concerned that the third and fourth fabrics from the left were too close in value. But, I went with it.

It is a medallion style quilt. I haven't made one of those before. What is cool is that you get glimpses of what the quilt is going to be. And, I suppose that I could stop along the way and not finish each step if I found that I liked one step in particular!

The reasons why I tackle BOMs are:
that often I am forced to try different color ways, 
I learn a different technique, 
I make a pattern I may not have chosen on my own, 
I meet other quilters,
and am inspired by their fabrics and insight to the pattern directions!

I stitched the pieced border which is a square within a square. However, the fabrics are too low in contrast to be able to see it. As I pieced, I told myself, I'm making a low contrast quilt. . .it's a first, it's okay. . .well, I finished making it and it WASN'T okay.

So, I tried different fabrics and then I tried a different combination of fabrics. Then I decided I would go with the green inner square.

I'm going to run out of fabric which means, I will get to make a different choice later. I like being able to see the pattern. The original border will be part of a pieced back.

I did manage to finish the December clue and like how it looks!

The fifth BOM is this one from Tulla Pink that I finished piecing fall of 2013 and just KNEW I'd be quilting it this fall. Hmm m m, quilting inspiration hasn't hit yet!

Oh, there is a sixth mystery BOM that I purchased the fabric for, collected the clues for; but, didn't even cut one fabric! Maybe I'll get to that one next year! I didn't realize how many BOMs I had going until this post. I suppose that I had better work on FINISHING some!


Nancy said...

They look wonderful! Your changes to the mystery BOM really make it look better. said...

Thank you, Nancy! A year ago, I would have either put the project away, or I might have started over. . .Changing the color was a BIG step for me. I so appreciate your feedback!--Terry

Anonymous said...

That medallion piece is beautiful and I can't believe the variety in all those hexagon blocks. Gail G said...

Gail, That hexagon mystery BOM was such a lot of fun. It was a class that I was sorry to see come to an end! Seeing how other people interpreted the block was so much fun. What great ideas are out there!--Terry

Anonymous said...

You are living a VERY mysterious life lately! I like the change in fabric too.
kfstitcher Karen said...

Karen, I'm still chuckling over your "mysterious" comment. Yes, I have! tee hee Thank you for confirming what I thought about the fabric!--Terry

Monica said...

Don't forget Ruffled Roses! Also a BOM. Another reason that I like BOMs is that you can build up a quilt with a lot of detail in manageable chunks. I have one to finish and three to start!

Those spiders are very cute, I haven't seen that pattern before. And the big butterfly will be awesome! said...

Monica, I did forget Ruffled Roses as a BOM!! The spiders were part of a hexagon BOM that the teacher designed. In a future blog, I'll post another link to her. Thank you!!--Terry said...

Monica, I did forget Ruffled Roses as a BOM!! The spiders were part of a hexagon BOM that the teacher designed. In a future blog, I'll post another link to her. Thank you!!--Terry

Monica said...

Isn't it lovely when your followers nag you? LOL. :D