Sunday, October 9, 2022

I Met Cynthia. . .

A modern quilt at the show
Last Sunday, I attended the Westside Quilters "A Quilted Paradise" show. From where I live, it was an hour drive to the show. My husband offered to drive. I took him up on his offer. I used an ice pack on the way there which helped with pain management. We arrived as the show opened.

It was great to walk through the aisles and see over 150 beautiful quilts. I found that I couldn't stop to read the signage on the quilts because the pain across my back, up my neck and into one shoulder would engage. My daughter wanted proof I saw quilts so my husband snapped a photo in front of this one.

I was really bad. . .I forgot to ask him to photograph the signage so I could attribute the maker. If you attended the show and know, please message me. I will add the information to this post. I liked the modern feel of the piece.

Next, I worked my way to vendor Cynthia Bunz's booth. I've followed Cynthia for years via her blog, Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework. For at least the last couple of

Cynthia and me in front of her booth

years, I've participated in her Oh Scrap link up on Saturdays. Cynthia is a master of using every scrap. She is generous with her knowledge and so supportive. 

She's been working on the scrappy paper pieced banner for a number of months. Getting to see the banner in person was extra special! I got to see many of her patterns up close and personal too. The absolute best part was meeting her in person. 

She agreed to have a photograph with me. While I had fully intended to thank her in person for inspiring me to play with scraps, I totally forgot! I attribute forgetting to being tongue tied around a celebrity! I'm really glad to have met her in the flesh!

We left soon after meeting Cynthia. My ice pack was still a little cool so I used it on the way home. I was sore the next day; but, my pain level wasn't any greater than it was before I went. 

It's been a month since I was last able to sit at a machine and stitch. This week, I have an acupuncture appointment to calm the nerves in my neck to encourage the muscles to stop going into a spasm. I hope acupuncture works. I so miss machine stitching!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh how fun to go to the quilt show and meet Cynthia! She's a source of a lot of inspiration for me, too! Sending good thoughts for you with the acupuncture treatments this week, too.

Ivani said...

So glad to know you met Cynthia. And even in pain enjoyed the show.
I am sure the acumpulture sessions will help relieve the pain you are feeling.
Whishing you better days! Take care.

Chantal said...

Nice picture of you and Cynthia. Love that you included her wonderful banner in the photo. Sounds like you had a great day. ;^)

Janice Smith said...

Fingers crossed that the acupuncture treatments give you some relief.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What fun to be able to meet the Scrap Queen!! Sorry to hear that you were in pain during the quilt show. Best wishes for feeling better soon, Terri!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love seeing the pictures of you, and of you and Cynthia together! Both of you are "internet celebrities" as far as I'm concerned! I hope the acupuncture is helpful.