Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Santa 2021


Package delivery
When our daughters were little, my father-in-law would drive two hours to our house to wake the kids up wearing a Santa costume that my mother-in-law had made. He would ring the bells and the girls would fly out of their beds to try to "catch" Santa in the act of leaving presents. One daughter would always check outside for reindeer hoof prints! He would gift each girl with some special presents on his way out to make other deliveries. 

Then he'd make the return two hour trip. He would call the girls to find out if they had been good enough for Santa to fill their stockings! He played Santa for other families too once the girls become wise and then too old for Santa.

The "awe" of  Santa in the house
My husband has been filling the Santa role since the granddaughters have had Christmases. The beard and wig while the best accessories for the costume are also what makes the costume extra hot. The pillow worn at the midriff also traps the heat! 

This year, we didn't think that their parents were going to allow Santa inside their home in spite of Dr. Fauci's claim that Santa was immune to COVID 19. 

With less than a day notice, Santa received visiting privileges if he wore a mask. The granddaughters at age 7 and 8 1/2 were up at 3AM. Their parents encouraged them to go back to bed; but, they were too excited to sleep. I'm told the bell ringing at 5:30AM brought them out of their rooms!

Santa commented that the youngest seemed to figure out his identity although she didn't ask. The way she is "snuggled" in for the photo gave us all a clue that she is in the know! With the deliveries complete, Santa returned to the North
Pole for a well deserved nap and vacation.

Snuggling with Santa
The first opportunity after the holiday that my husband had to spend with granddaughters was a walk yesterday. The youngest granddaughter said, "Papa, you look a lot like Santa. AND Santa is almost as handsome as you!" Is that not a thoughtful comment for a kid to make? To let you know; but, yet, still be able to walk the line so that Santa will come again next year? What a memory they made together!

As a family, we met via Zoom. A year ago, we were visiting our youngest daughter at her flat in London. We traveled Christmas Day. What a difference a year makes! 

The daughters cooked lamb for dinner. We cooked a ham. We look forward to physically being together in 2021.

This is my last post for the month and the last post for the year. I helped 22 people earn their 
American Heart Health Care Provider CPR certificates. I had two finishes for the quarter. I finished Unity and I finished Steps. I plan to roll most of my fourth quarter list forward into 2021. I also have lots of new projects planned for 2021 which I'll be posting about in the coming weeks.

Thank you dear readers for reading my posts and for your kind and uplifting comments. New Year's Eve, I'll be sitting and sewing with my Friday Clark County Quilters group. I hope the new year brings you joy. Stay safe. May the vaccine come to each one us sooner rather than later!


Jill at emeraldcottage said...

I love your Santa stories! Such a happy post!
Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful New Year,
Jillxxx said...

Jill, Santa is so pleased to have delivered packages in spite of COVID! I'm told that a week later the grand kids are still talking about his visit! Thank you for dropping by and for your comment!

Mereknits said...

I love that Santa was able to visit with a mask on, how beautiful those memories are. Happy New Year, stay safe.

Janice Smith said...

I, too, loved hearing that Santa was able to visit with your precious grand daughters . . . special memories for all. Terry, too bad you couldn’t have donned a Mrs. Claus outfit to join in the fun. said...

Mereknits--yes, the memories are beautiful for all! said...

Janice, Mrs. Claus would have been a good outfit. I doubt that she would have made the list to visit though! I'm glad that Santa was able to cut through all that red tape!