Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Unity--Border Nine--Post 15

Block overview
Quilting the broken dishes portion of the block puzzled me for a long time. When I pieced the blocks, I thought about about stitching a continuous curve in the red triangles. I also struggled with what to quilt in the light and dark blue squares.

For the broken dishes, I decided to quilt straight lines with a ruler. Looking at the triangles that kissed gave me the idea. Actually the word "kissed" gave me the inspiration to quilt the pairs in straight lines! This quilt will go to my daughter and her husband when they marry. Quilting the pairs with quarter inch lines fit great!

In the light and dark blue squares, I quilted a circle with the template and I quilted the squiggles free hand. I quilted this motif in lots of other areas in this quilt. I decided to include the neutral squares into the background swirl motif. Interestingly, once I made the decision, I felt like I had scored! I decided that since I felt that way, my decision was on the mark! I'll be quilting this border for a long time. Quilting the curvy swirl background is faster than quilting pebbles; but, not by much!

Close up view of the lines and the squiggles
My plan is to quilt a background every day that I'm not working. I'm doubtful that I will finish quilting this project this month. Quilting that background takes some time!

I hadn't planned to share this post until I had at least quilted one quarter of the border. Yesterday, Rebecca announced that this would be the last time to link up with Longarm Learning. I decided to participate one more week with her link up. 

I've enjoyed participating and reading the links. I've picked up some longarm tips that crossover to my domestic machine quilting. Rebecca posted some other link ups and I plan to check those because I have found this link up to help me make progress on projects. Being part of a community that shares tips and resources is so helpful!


Rebecca Grace said...

Your curly swirl quilting looks amazing, especially contrasting with the straight ruler lines in the red triangles. Slow and steady wins the race, and I'm glad you linked up with us! :-) said...

Rebecca, you said it so well. . .slow and steady wins the race. . .eventually, I'll get to the finish line!!! Thanks for offering the Linky party.