Friday, April 1, 2016

Stitching the Mystery Clues/On Being a Fiber Artist

The clues this month for the guild's mystery quilt were to make these sections pictured at the left. Next month, we will receive the clue that tells us how to put all the parts together!

The clue for the online mystery was to stitch a border around what we made last month. This is too big to put on my design wall now; but, it gives me an idea how it could look on a bed! It measures about 74 1/2 x 74 1/2 inches. There are about 20 more inches of clues to come!

Next we made a bunch of pinwheel blocks and then added some half square triangles to end up with blocks like this.

It will be interesting to see how these blocks are used in the next clue!

Earlier this month a friend challenged me on Facebook to post a quilt each day for seven days and to nominate someone to do the same.  I rarely post on Facebook. I enjoy making my quilts; but, outside of my blog and an occasional local show, I rarely share them. This challenge stretched me and it was a good stretch. I received some sweet comments which I appreciated.

I attended a family dinner and one of my brothers commented on the Facebook posts. He didn't realize that I created each quilt I posted. He thought that I had just posted quilt photos that I liked. His wife replied that she knew I had made each one and said I should post more. Then she said that I must have enjoyed posting my old projects! 

Their comments surprised me. My brother didn't read the posts or he would have known that I had made each quilt posted. Perhaps, he didn't think I could create some of the quilts I posted. Hey, until I did it, I didn't think I could create some of them either! As far as posting old projects go, my sister-in-law hasn't seen these projects; so why would she think they were old? Besides, I prefer to think of my finished projects as nuggets along my quilting journey. There is nothing "old" about them! Their comments bruised the fledgling artist spirit in me. Perhaps a fiber artist isn't a valued skill.  

When my sister in law asked me to create a special quilt for their daughter who is also my niece, I politely declined. I said what a wonderful project they could take on with each other to create a special memory and of course, they could send it out to be quilted! 

Life is good! :)


Nancy said...

I think you should be discouraged by your brother's and his wife's comments. It sounds like your SIL loved what you did, and I think by "old" she just meant things that you aren't currently working on. If I remember right, your comments with the pictures talked about when you made the quilts. Your fiber artist is definitely blooming right now and you should follow it wherever it leads! It's taking you to some very good places!!

Monica said...

I think Nancy had a wee Freudian slip there!

My family is the same, or worse, so I think you made the right call. IF they try it, they may enjoy quilting for themselves, or at least develop a little more appreciation for your skill! But in any case, you do what makes you happy, and hopefully you will teach them to do the same. :D said...

Thank you, Nancy. I like your definition of "old!" --Terry said...

Monica, I've sat through many a tractor, cow, horse, scrapbooking conversation and have carried on as if I liked those subjects too. Perhaps, that was their way of sharing. Yep. . .continuing to do what makes me happy! Thanks for your comment!--Terry

Diane-crewe said...

go with your heart .. and be happy x said...